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  1. 1. lose 100 pounds
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  2. 2. wear a corset more often
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  3. 3. improve my posture
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  4. 4. get a bachelors degree
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  5. 5. Sleep more
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  6. 6. get a girlfriend
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  7. 7. pay off my car
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  8. 8. get custom fit fangs
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  9. 9. donate hair to Locks of Love
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  10. 10. get a masters degree
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  11. 11. be in a band
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  12. 12. go to burning man
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  13. 13. be a better photographer
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  14. 14. quit working at disneyland
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  15. 15. learn to walk in heels
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  16. 16. go to wave gotik treffen
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  17. 17. learn spanish
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  18. 18. control my drinking
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  19. 19. travel to new york
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  20. 20. see Emilie Autumn in concert
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  21. 21. go to a Cruxshadows concert
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  22. 22. be a better pagan
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  23. 23. Write an essay and finish it a week before its deadline
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How I did it
How to drink absinthe
It took me
1 day
It made me
so-so content

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Write an essay and finish it a week before its deadline
Someday i'll do this right

Everytime i have a major paper due i’m writing it and printing it up to the last available minute. For once i want to finish an essay well before the due date so i’m not stressing. But alas i’m a procrastinator through and through. I wonder how i made it this close to graduation in the first place. if you count my junior year bing my 6th in college close.

wear a corset more often

going okay so far. first i’m doing this because i’m playing with the idea of getting into straight lacing. also i enjoy the look and want to use it to work on my posture and control my hunger.
I only have one corset atm that’s good for this so i’m only wearing it every other day to give it time to air out in between.
it is quite comfortable the only time wearing it is any hassle is when i have to bend down-which is all but physically impossible :p


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