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visit every country in Europe
It keeps getting harder

Sometimes more countries that weren’t traditionally considered part of Europe want to be included (Turkey wants to be an EU member, even though most of it is in Asia), sometimes others split into two (Serbia and Montenegro).

I’m sure I’ve got more European countries to visit than I did 20 years ago, even though I’ve visited Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Spain and Greece since then. Yugoslavia was one country then, as was Czechoslovakia, even though Germany was two.

build a PC
I wasn't good at it.

The PC I built was never as reliable as those I’ve bought fully built.

Upgrading various components (hard-drives, DVD-RW units, etc.) is simple. Building from scratch seemed easy, but I was never happy with the resulting machine.

Speak a foreign language in the country of origin
Not fluently - but its better than nothing

I’ve had a decent go at speaking French in France.
I’ve been less successful, because I have much less vocabulary, at speaking Italian in Italy, Spanish in Spain, German in Germany and Greek in Greece, but I’ve used a few words.

I’ve also used a few words of Dutch in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, but I don’t think that counts. Its like using English in the USA – right language for the country, but its country of origin.

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