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control my jealousy (read all 2 entries…)
this is destroying me cont.....

The only real thing im worried about is what would she have done if my mate hadnt been there? I cant seem to drop it! Im never like this and to be honest im scared to find out whats going to come out in the wash. Im maybe jst angry with myself for having invested so much emotion in a person, and now in the flick of a switch ive gone from what ive always felt, stable and strong, to trying my best not to feel bitter and weak. WTF is that all about?

control my jealousy (read all 2 entries…)
This is destroying me!

Im a guy, im 26, im in a relationship with a great girl who says she loves me, its just that lately her and her girl friend have been going to an exercise class and suddenly she has started talking about some guy called chris? For some reason this guy has both her and her friends ph numbers and texts them. She came in the other night after being out and mentioned his name a good 4 or 5 times and she seemed excited that she had met him out! I dont understand whats going on and if ive even any right in writing this? I asked her about it the next day when she was not tipsy anymore and she said i had nothing to worry about and that he sends the same messages to her as he does to her friend. But i was so worried about it still, because based on experience there was something too familiar about it, and in a moment of craziness i invaded her privacy and checked her ph inbox when she was showering which ive never done before and i feel terrible about, i was just panicked. He was asking if she was going to be out that night, she replied yeah she’s going to the night club and she will prob see him there, then at the end there was a message from him saying to come and get him when she’s leaving and they can share a taxi home! She didnt do that thankfully, one of my mates who’s a real gent walked her home to the front door. But theres always that burning thought in the back of my head eating at me thats saying “who is this guy? why do you keep mentioning his name and why is he asking to get a taxi home with you at the end of the night?” What should i make of that? I never ever ever thought that something like this would be an issue between us? We have always been so tight! The thought of it all makes my blood boil and i hate it! Knowing my luck if i make a big deal out of it i’ll prob end up pushing them both together, power of suggestion and all that! And im afraid if i keep bottling it up i might knock his head off if i meet him, like an angry pathetic neanderthal.


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