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breakdance (read all 3 entries…)
want this soooo bad

I tried an urban dance class just to see how bad my coordination was. Gosh, its awful but I’ve got the summer to work on that. I’m still continuing last years task of getting stong to support my bodyweight and fit. I used to do weights last year but didn’t eat enough so ended up going underweight and not sustaining the muscle. Want this soooo bad. My fitness is pretty good, my stamina (I like jogging), I did up my biceps a lil’ bit but the triceps are MUCH more difficult. I wana be able to do pullups, chinups and the lot for upper body strength cos I wana learn to breakdance (something I’ve wanted since a kid but u kno parents being so restrictive I never had the chance an the absence of those clubs in my area too).

breakdance (read all 3 entries…)

I don’t have too good coordination but this is something I really wana do. Can I get round this or do you have to have done sports and developed really good coordination as a kid to be able to achieve this?


be a size 8 (read all 2 entries…)

I’m there now. Went to Matalan and the size 10s were too big. Tried the 8s – perfect. Will try the 8s in jeans in other stores and see if I really am an 8. People, find out how many cals on average someone of your height and weight burns and don’t calorie deficit too low below that as there are consequences. Excercise and eat well and leave a small deficit with excercise making up some of it and you should be fine and lose healthily and maintain that without it taking you over in a bad way. When you’ve reached your goal, go back to a balanced calorie intake (what your body needs everyday in order not to lose anymore weight) eat healthily and excersise and don’t think about it anymore (just a healthy lifestyle) so it doesnt turn into an obsession. Your weight will be the same and even if you go over it will even out through the week as it takes a lot of over eating to put on even half a pound of fat (going for walks will offset moderate overeating).

hope this helps x x x

build muscle mass
upper body strength

Upper body strength for a woman tends to be significantly lower than for a guy. At the start of last month I decided to focus on it. My triceps were really weak – and then impressively they started coming out. My arms according to people are very thin and my wrists tiny making me look a little vulnerable (my height adds to that too). Just yesterday I noticed my forearms coming out and I’ve become considerably stronger. I’m will keep going with this. I hate it when ignorant people think that women lifting heavy weights will automatically make them butch. They’re not there until they’re on ‘roids.
Strong in my opinion for a woman equals sexxxxxxyyyyyyyyy.
Just check that out when u see the tekken chicks.

I recommend this vid:

breakdance (read all 3 entries…)
really don't want to give up

I’m really trying to build my upper body strength for this one. My main goal is my strength to weight ratio so that I find all of this easier. So far the arm excersises are going slow. The tricep excersises my body finds the hardest and I get a headache afterwards! Though after a tricep workout today I got up and was suprised to see quite a bulge at the back of my arms running along it. I was like “ooh, where did that come from?”

get an industrial piercing
do not underestimate the power of sleep

Have a proper good nights sleep the day before you get this piercing done. People laugh when I say that, but if you don’t get sufficient sleep, you’re not going to be mentally prepared for it. You may be negative and you’ll be more paranoid and unsure on the day. Sufficient sleep really does make a difference as it gives a chance for your intention and thoughts to register. On the day (November last year) I was really sure I wanted it (unlike with my first piercing), confident and despite finding the piercing painful, could face it with a smile (yes, I was manically laughing).

not eat after 8 pm

I don’t eat after 7 (this was my best choice of group) but I am aware that when you sleep, its the period of time when your body regenerates and repairs itself. I was wondering if it is worth eating protein rich green vegetables (lentils) at around 8 or later as I don’t have to worry about fat (they’re veggies), I excersise reasonably (twice a day jogging) and as a result of excersise (breaking down muscle), I need proteins to rebuild my body at night (which is restoration peak time and growth period).

be a size 8 (read all 2 entries…)
Still pushing for it

I’ve tried to lose the pounds for sometime.
My background – I am a vegetarian, I eat around 3-4 times a day (I keep a food diary), I do not eat after a certain time, I very rarely indulge (in fact, I look forward to eating bran flakes as that for me feels like an indulgence).

I came back home from uni not too long ago where I attended the gym every other day. The result wasn’t too drastic – I’m usually a size 12 (dropped from a size 14) but went down to a 10. I kinda think that I’ve become a little fatter so I must be just scraping a size 10 and also I am a bit larger around the hips now. Since a few days ago I have been jogging every day twice a day for 15 minutes (a total of half an hour a day, 15 mins morning, 15 mins afternoon). Did a few crunches too for nice abs. I find it hard but I am determined to push for a permanent routine.

Could someone suggest any improvements I can
make to what I am doing. A size 8 is something I’d like to obtain and maintain however steep the road ahead may be.



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