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Eat only fruit and vegetables for a week
1 week kickstart

I’m going to try and only eat veggies and fruit for one week and only drink h2o as a way to get my body reved up for weight loss, here goes!

Lose 10 kilos
I've tried and tried but maybe this time I can succeed?

I like this goal because I see that somone else has tried and she finally acheived it! I think her diet is very suitable, cutting out the bad foods and calorie counting. I am going to exercise everyday and I am going to really slash my calorie intake and up my h2o intake. I hope I can really start to see some changes within as litte as a week, but I’m going to give myself the full 2 months to down to size. I think that I could lose (including water weight) a little over 3 kilos a week…I just need to stay dedicated.


Get down to 128 pounds.
getting healthy

For the past 3 years, I have used my weight as something to hide behind or use as an excuse for why things wernt going my way. I would get frustrated or stressed about something and then binge on food as a way to comfort myself. I would then look at myself in the mirror and think how disgusting or hideous I was, thus starting the cycle over and over. My friends and family could tell that when my weight balooned, I wasnt myself and I wasnt fully happy. As I gained weight I began to forget the good things about myself, or why people liked being around me, and I would pull away.
Instead of addressing my real problems, I would simply blame it all on the way I looked. After a long time of reflection, I have realized that my problems stemed from my drinking, drug usage, and not wanting to take responsibility for my past actions. Now that I have taken the steps to fix this, I want to lose the weight that I gained over the past 3 years. I feel that when I see my family and friends again at Christmas they not only will see how I have gotten my life together, but also how I respect myself by taking care of my body again. Bottom line, I want to look as good as I feel and I think that I have the tools and motivation to do it! This is important to me and I want to succeed.

My plan is to basically Calorie shift and try to eat a few small meals throughout the day. If I can avoid sweets and desserts, I usually can control myself in the kitchen.

Current weight: 140
Goal Weight: 128


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