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spruce up the shrine I have built for my mother
Father's Grave Mother's Shrine

Vern Gosdin sang, “You don’t know lonely, until it’s chiseled in stone.” For a bachelor, the loss of both parents is the most dramatic feeling of being all alone in this world.

It’s been a few years now since my mother died, more than fifteen for my dad. He is buried in Georgia. My mom chose cremation. I received a portion of her ash remains.

That year I traveled the country, leaving some of her on the beach of the Pacific Ocean at sunset, and the Atlantic at sunrise. Shared her with the mountains I climbed, and the rivers I rafted. She was sometimes with me at golf courses, but I didn’t leave any of her there. Thanks for the unconditional love, MOM.

visit my fathers grave
Lang Baptist Church

My dad passed away 15 years ago. I hope he is aware of how proud I am of him. I hope is cognizant of the valuable life lessons I learned from him. I want him to know I love him.

Refresh my perspective on this southern swing
southern swing shifting perspective

On my recent journey I was able to seperate myself from that which had occupied my mind for a while. A new atmosphere, environment, agenda, schedule, will always work in this way. Change your views, change your views.

I am grateful for the diversion, and the reboot. Now I intend to enjoy the late arriving Salt Lake City spring.

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