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  1. 1. Finish what I start
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  2. 2. not be sad
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  3. 3. learn ogre3d
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  4. 4. Become a Polyglot
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  5. 5. learn to play the mandolin
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  6. 6. buy a Mac
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  7. 7. master CSS
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  8. 8. witness the end of IE
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  9. 9. get corrective eye surgery or lasik
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  10. 10. have faith
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  11. 11. learn linux
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  12. 12. stay single
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get a wacom tablet
Handy if you're some kind of Designer.

I design websites and my Graphire3 has helped a lot. It saves me lots of time and quality of the web images I create is drastically improved. But the mouse will always be the gamer’s friend. I tried to play Quake with the pen and I could never look straight ahead :-P . But it does come with a batteryless, cordless mouse so you don’t have to hook up two interface devices. Just throw the pen to the other hand, snatch up the mouse, and you’re back to normal. Overall, drawing with a pen is much more natural (not to mention easier) than with a mouse. Get a tablet if you need one, or are a graphic hobbyist.

Visit Japan
Tokyo Disneyland

I went to Tokyo Disneyland when I was a lot younger. It was really fun, and I’d like to go back again sometime.


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