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Launch "Progressive Student" Training Camps
Training Camps For Progressive Students

The word “camp” doesn’t really adequately describe the concept. However, I intend to launch training seminars for high school and collegiate age students that are interested in progressive politics, candidates, and political issues. The Republicans and “right” leaning think tanks and other organizations do an excellent job of promoting their goals and objectives among the USA’s younger generation. Further, they are highly skilled at training such students in the mechanics of politics, and have done so since the early 1980’s and the beginning of the Reagan administration. I would like to launch constructive programs that counter these measures from “the other side.” With my experience within the public sector, the private sector, and working with young people, I am eager to put together thought-provoking programs that can have a lasting affect on the participants and their communities.

Visit these countries again:
Visit These Countries Again:

I have enjoyed visiting many different lands throughout the world. I would like to re-visit many of them, including China, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Oman, Scotland, and more.

Learn additional launguages
Global Citizenry

Time to learn at least two additional languages. The world is much smaller than it has ever been, and both personal passion and my involvement in business globally compel me to study at least two additional languages

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