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be more positive
getting rid of the negative voice in me

So I’ve always been a very pessimistic person, I am someone who used to see the glass as half empty. I thought nothing was ever good and I was just not even close to good enough. Suffice to say my pessimism had an adverse affect on my outlook. I was no longer content, before even trying something I would believe I would fail. This resulted me in not even trying to apply at my dream school. I always wanted to go to Harvard to study pre law and them move on to law school. The negative voice in my heart took over my brain and said why bother applying when you know you won’t get in? But this nagging feeling in me said if I don’t try now I will regret later on. So I applied. Yup I got rejected. I cried. I was sad and disappointed but eventually I was happy to know that I won’t ever regret not knowing. I go to another university now and my dream to go to Harvard law school remains. But what this taught me was that when I’m negative I fail to try and when I fail to try I start to question what if?.... So its not like I’m always positive, cause sometimes I succumb to that negative voice. But I pull back from it because I’m tired of living in fear. So be free, don’t be negative because who knows what tomorrow brings. All we can do is make ourselves happy by looking at the positive outlook. So what if we fail or don’t get what we want? Everybody goes through it at some points in their life, some even fail throughout only to succeed after death. So let go of the negativity, and embrace the happiness and indifference to what can go wrong in this thing or that. what is meant to happen always does. Be happy, and look at the positive side!


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