is doing science homework and going to youth!

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  1. 1. become closer to God
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  2. 2. I would like to obtain a 95% average
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  3. 3. just have fun
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  4. 4. Don't think so much!
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  5. 5. focus
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  6. 6. be healthier
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  7. 7. be happier
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  8. 8. get up on time
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  9. 9. become a dentist
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  10. 10. grow my hair longer
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just have fun

I over think and analyze everything, I just want to let loose and have fun with my friends, and boyfriend. I need to stop taking relationships so seriously, I’m only 15

become a dentist

I have recently wanted to become a dentist, I am in grade 10 and have an 85 average and am working diligently towards a 90. I know to become a dentist it will be hard but hopefully worth it. I am not completely set on being a dentist, but I like the idea :) either that or a dental hygienist


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