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write a personal mission statement
Great thing to do...

I did this as an exercise for a spiritual gifts class. Unfortunately I have not memorized it yet so it’s not as effective as it should be – that’s the next step. Here is my personal mission statement:

To leave a legacy which will enrich the lives of others in my community, to bring my community closer to prosperity, using my God-given talents and spiritual gifts – all to magnify the glory of God and edify his kingdom.

exercise 3X a week
Great resource!


This seems to be a great website to find exercise buddies. I got it off of craigslist and will attempt to find a walking partner on it -;)

create a list of must-read books and read them. (read all 2 entries…)
First Book Club Meeting

We had it today and it was great. This happens to be associated with my church so it will be a great opportunity to befriend some of my Christian sisters. Our book for next month’s meeting is Managing Your Emotions by Joyce Meyers.

I hope that I can get through the other books that I got at the library in time to read the Joyce Meyers book. I went a little overboard at the library getting books about public office and financial well-being…

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