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be less judgemental
Judging Ppl Based on Looks.

When my friend came back from a retreat, she told me about how she has this problem. And I realized: so do I.

When old women [above the collegic level] wear hoodies, I assume they are weird and hobo-y. Boys who aren’t hot are probably weird. Black people [this is especially sad since I am a living example of the non-truth of this] aren’t very successful, or do well in school. Ppl with any sort of chain or majority black on are goth. Etc.

And it is esp. sad bc I have seen how all of these are not true. I get good grades, and I am black. My brother has a 4.0 and he’s black. My dad, mom…. all really smart. Barrack Obama… the list goes awn. The most Catholic girl in my class ‘dresses goth’.

learn to play the french horn
i play trumpet.

i love the trumpet to death. it rocks.
but the french horn? its beautiful.

Get more sleep

i need to sleep. instead of doing however, i choose to blab on the telephone for hours on end, and procrastinate.

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