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I met her! Kan!

Well guys, I have been having loads of dreams about the full moon and wolves, and ive done it. I met her. I have finnaly met my spirit wolf, Kan. Kan is a female wolf with brown fur and a white underbelly and muzzle. I am really happy I finnaly met her. Kan told me (she uses a thing she calls mindspeech, its complicated to explain) that when I fully p-shift I will take on her form. She also told me lots of things about wolves. I have a more acute senses and I feel like eating meat and something tough. It feels so great! I hope I can join a pack soon. :) Anyone got any packs? Any in Ireland maybe? Any? Any?

become a wolf (read all 3 entries…)
Heeeey, heres my email!

If your willing to teach me how to turn into a wolf or have any tips, send me a message via . I’ll be waiting! :D

become a wolf (read all 3 entries…)
:3 Hello. Need help reply soon.

:D Hi eveyone! Doing good? I hope so. Well, I decided to learn how to become a wolf, but right off I have hit a giant brick wall only YOU can move. And before you read on, I am not a girl who likes twilight and wants to be like Jacob, I want to be a wolf for my own private reasons, and I know the consucences are rough. None the less, I am ready and willing to be taught. But theirs a problem.WHERE DO I BEGIN? I have seen several websites telling me what to do, but im not sure what to trust! I don’t want to start doing something dumb and realising I screwed it up! So, if you have an useful info, tell me immediately. Thanks~KT


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