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  1. 1. Conquer depression
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  2. 2. Establish a daily routine
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  3. 3. Get in shape
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  4. 4. Learn Spanish
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  5. 5. Take voice lessons
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  6. 6. Learn to Lindy Hop
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  7. 7. Learn to play the guitar
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  8. 8. Get a cosmetology license
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  9. 9. Be a published writer
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How to move to a better apartment
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learn to lindy hop
Making some progress

Tomorrow I’ll have my third group lesson in Lindy Hop. I’m slow to pick it up and I’m so much older and fatter than everyone else in the class, but it is fun. There’s a group called The Lindy Project that has started classes in dance studios all over the country. They have a Facebook page that you can use to find out more about them http://www.facebook.com/TheLindyProject

move to a better apartment (read all 2 entries…)

I chose an apartment recommended by the locator that is in a great central location. I’m paying about 15% more in rent, but already I have signed up for a volunteer position and I’m planning on attending a training for another one this evening.
I looked for a place that felt inviting and where it seemed like there were other folks like me already living there (with plants, kinda homey and quirky decorations, and not too slick or sterile).
I’ve painted the place the way I like it in hopes I’ll be happy here for a long time.

Learn Spanish

I’m using some online flash card type exercises (http://www.wartoft.nu/software/selingua/), tapes in the car and I have attended one “meet up” group with another scheduled for next week. I think I’m gonna have to break down and take an actual class, because this isn’t really sticking with me.

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