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Get into the high honor roll in high school. still creating self decipline.
How to get in the high honor roll.

One trick through geting in the high honor roll is through focus and through determination. You have to create your success by means of being nice to your parents and appreciating what you have. You need tto try and make an effort no matter what, even if you are not successful still do not give up because you have a dream to make come through. You need to struggle in order to be a successful person. Make your self gain self-decipline and understanding of your weaknesses and strenghts. Trying and making an effort can make you successful no matter what. But remeber do not over do it. You have to make up a list of your strategies and help at your home. Well, in order to be successful you shall never give up and you shall be confidents, strong, and dedicated. Only you can make it happen, and remeber nobody is dumb in the world. We can all achieve great things in the world if we make the graetest efforts. Do not be a lazy person it will not do you any good.

What ever god wnats me to do.
High honor roll

I did not mae it. But my praise is god. I will try and do my best and things will come back to me. I must struggle to get there. Sometimes you try you rbest but you never get there. I never give up when I have not succeded. As long as it takes a village to raise a child in africa well it takes a village to succeed. Well I know that I can do this. I will not let anyone or any distractions put me down. I will try and do my best. I am smart, I am smart. No one in the world will put me down. I will try in all of my subjects and never give up. I am determined!


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