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I can see a bright future!?

Hello guys! You know what I’m so excited right now, guess what??? My employer called me to come back tomorrow for the interview, it seem that I’m so near of my goal. But still I’m so nervous coz I don’t know what to say. I hope tomorrow I will not be mental block when the interviewer asks me some question. This is the moments that I’m waiting so long to have a career. I can’t imagine that I passed the written exam yesterday, coz you know guys? I got confused in the fourth set because I’m not confident with my answer in the essay. I don’t know why? Because I know I’m not good in English or I got scared at the moment that I know that the last set will be essay. But I’m pretty sure that I got high grades in other sets. Did I sound very arrogant? Hehehehe… No kidding aside I’m so blessed right now that I have families that are very supporting from the moment I hunt a job. Hoping this will be the beginnings not end of my success…. God Bless!!!!

practice my profession (read all 2 entries…)
what a waste!!!

For more than 7 months, I never gave importance to the knowledge that I acquired from college. I was so very busy the whole day watching T.V or just simply doing nothing. I don’t know why? Now I realized that I wasted the important days in my life by doing nonsense things. At this moment I’m applying for a job, and you know what? I’m so scared right now coz this is my first job hunt and I don’t want to be dumped alone in the corner, huhuhuhu…..Poor me. If I don’t get this job that I’m applying for right now, I’m pretty sure my whole word will stop turning, what a disaster. I’m just kidding; I will not give a shit just for that. It’s okay for me if I never get this job right now. I know that someday i can find a better and more challenging job for me. But honestly I’m hoping right now that I can make it or simply to be part of their institution…


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