I'm doing 7 things

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  1. 1. Spend less time fooling around on the net and more time actually working
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  2. 2. learn to crochet
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  3. 3. Donate blood
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  4. 4. leave notes in library books
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  5. 5. get a job i love
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  6. 6. Learn more french
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  7. 7. win an award for my photography
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Donate blood
just waiting a few more months...

i really want to donate blood, yet im scared of the needles and the pain and all, but at least i will be doing something good for someone.

keep a daily diary

i’m doing it! there is a website called 750words.com and it lets you write well, 750 or more words each day. everything you write is kept private, and they give you badges if you keep up a streak. this is what i’ve been using for the past month to keep a daily diary!


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