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air, fire, water, earth and spirit

Warm and moist, active. Corresponding direction – East. Represents clear perception and intelligence. Associated with the first breath of life and speech.

Warm and dry, active, incredibly energetic. Corresponding direction – South. It has the power to destroy and purify. It is seen as the beginning and end as it is considered the source of life and the destroyer of life.

Cool and moist, passive, creative, transformative. Embodied esoterically as the primal waters of all creation. Corresponding direction – West. Represents the subconscious, receptivity, and regeneration.

Dry and cool, passive, fertile. Corresponding direction – North. Earth is born of the above three elements. Represents stability, groundedness, and the ability to manifest.

Spirit is above but is the connecting point of the other four elements (shown opening picture of this page). It is the embodiment of the alchemical phrase “As Above, So Below.” As we come to understand the four elements, we come closer to understanding divinity as their source.

become a witch (read all 3 entries…)

im going to start stdying witch craft today so if u have any site that may help me please let me no thanks

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