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  1. 1. write novel
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  2. 2. meet Steve Jobs
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  3. 3. create more start-up companies
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  4. 4. see Rush in a live concert
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  5. 5. start a company in Silicon Valley
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  6. 6. own a library
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  7. 7. own a park
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  8. 8. work for Google
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  9. 9. do a stand-up comedy
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Recent entries
play a gig in front of thousands people
in front of new students

there was a ceremonial thing for new students in our university. so we played. it was fun :)

do a stand-up comedy
Why I want to do a stand-up comedy?

I do quite a bit of presentations. It feels great when the audience laugh. I want to give stand-up comedy a try.

own a park
Why I want to own a park

So that people can relax with friends and family, and at the same time create a better (greener?) environment.


I want to:
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