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get my mojo working like a mofo (read all 9 entries…)
Ladies of the Lake

Yo peeps and past 43 friends, been awhile and I apologize. Been concentrating on academic endeavors.

However, the film-making gods might be aligning for a production this summer and yes, then my MoJO will be on full Display.

Two lead actors already cast. Work-shopping the script in my grad screenwriting class.

Game On! This Mofo just might be ready to bust out some Mojo!

Oh, and the “Ladies of the Lake” just might be in for a bit of my sexasma.

stage manage again?
What The Hell

Stage management is not exactly mu favorite job, in fact its a bitch of a job and I respect anybody who does it professionally.

Just doing it for a couple of weeks for a playwright I respect who is having a staged reading. Not quite as much of an undertaking as a full fledged production.

The playwright trained at Jaques Lecoq in Paris.

The play, a Gay Fantasia. Should go over well her in San Fran.

cook like a bat out of hell
Bloody 'Ell

So, I admit it, I have been watching way to much Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares on youtube as of late.

Can’t help it. This Chef Gordan Ramsey intrigues the hell out of me. It’s like watching a drill sargeant take on a college dorm (Hell’s Kitchen) or a country club (Kitchen Nightmares). He just cracks me up.

Anyway, I started watching it for the pure fluff entertainment value and started realizing that I’m cooking at home alot more. Been fun.

I’ve gotten much better at swearing like a sailor too!

meet up with George W. in a dark alley (read all 12 entries…)
Guh, can we kick and punch him like a Pinatata at Some Point?

Okay, I think it is has been a while since I have lost my temper on the current and soon to be celebrated non-president (the one who will continue to spiral and spiral down into the historical hill of the worst president in history land), and well he finally topped himself. All of my years of thick-skinned, dealing with his inadeqacies boiled over tonight into a new-found rage of let’s get that guy! String him up!

He quipped about the “Mission Accomplished” sign as if that was his only failing in that “Failed War That George W. Bush Started On His Own” and then he slightly mumbled on what a bummer it was that they never found WMD’s as if he was cop who had beat a kid to death and was pissed there were no drugs found in his pockets.

And then, in classic asshole form, and what truly set me off, he confronted a question about his response about Hurricane Katrina as if he was a WWF wrestler by saying, “How dare you doubt our response, ask that of the $30,000 people who were plucked off the roofs.”

OK. If you are one of the 30,000 who were “plucked” off a roof several days after all the storm f’d up people’s lives forever, well please stand up. Please stand up! I do believe the historians he is so desperately trying to court these days will quickly discover that nowhere close to that amount of people were ever “plucked” from rooftops several days after the storm.

G. F. U Bush, farewell and may you enjoy your torment in Dante’s inferno!

Gawd forbid your announced “last” press conference on Thursday is as offensive as this one. I shall have to break my silence and rail against you once again.,

simplify the power of words
It is the hardest thing . . .it is the final thing

The words explain it all.

People Watch (read all 11 entries…)
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

. . . this weekend in Golden Gate Park. For Free!!!! Bless the rich mutha who died and donated the money to keep this going every year with the best acts in Bluegrass from around the world . . . for free to all.

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss on Friday. YEA!!!!!
I’m going to miss Richard Thompson, Nick Lowe, and Three Girls & Their Buddy (Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin & Buddy Miller) ... whatever that will be like … to go to a wedding reception . . . but maybe I’ll sneak over for some of it.

Then Sunday … Earl Scruggs, Riders in the Sky, Elvis Costello, Gogolo Bordello (on the gypsy/punk theatrics tip), Ricky Skaggs, Emylou Harris.

Should be good people watchin’. Good eatin’ too.

meet up with George W. in a dark alley (read all 12 entries…)
"Obama A-, McCain B-" - CNN

As I headed to my fav pub to watch the debate, checked my mailbox and found the bag of Obama pins I had ordered from MOVEON.ORG. Perfect Timing!!!!!

Watched the debate. This idiotic semi-toothless guy was beside me saying he was an independent as he kept randomly insulting Obama . . . and then thank god he left after the martini ran out . . .

The place was packed, my fav movie theatre down the street (the Parkway Speakeasy) had started turning away people to watch the debate. The three old ladies at the bar started applauding McCain every time he ended speaking. After a bit they lost hope and stopped applauding . . . possibly because their was nothing to applaud.

McCain came across as condescending, ill-informed and stuck on his own talking points. He smirked the entire time he was not speaking, as if he was in on his own joke. He treaded water like a fat cat incumbent… although he called himself a maverick a good three times. Hell, he tooted his own horn half a dozen times rather than discussing issues.

At the end of the debate, I handed around my bag of Obama pins and all 100 of them went like hot-cakes. Too bad half the states in this country are clueless when it comes to intelligence in politics and would rather make everything about religion, race and wanna-be rich philosophy.

OBAMA wins. Let the partee begin!

write it all in poetics
Early to Bed

. . . early to rise . . .
. . . makes a man or woman . . .
. . . miss out on the nightlife . . .

. . . rest in peace you sandmen . . .
. . . he speaks of you . . .
... in more than if and when . . .

meet up with George W. in a dark alley (read all 12 entries…)

No really, it is beyond a farce, beyond a nervous laugh …

Half of our country is truly clueless . . .

We are about to become the next Germany to the world . . . a generation of . . . I didn’t know he was &&( , I thought he was just a simple guy from Texas and a war hero from Arizona. You can’t blame me. I just voted for him.

And now we have Paris Hilton’s aunt from Texas hijacking the rest of the election.

The only reason I’m not going on a gun spree or a hari kari resignation on the failure of humanity, is that this whole thing is so absurdly ridiculous it just makes one finally break down in laughter at how history always repeats itself in grotesquely hilarious ways!

And if Obama does not win, all ya’ll who didn’t vote pro-intelligence will be the laughing stock of our doom as a country relagated to China’s Mexico!

get my mojo working like a mofo (read all 9 entries…)

Ran into my favorite prof at the coffee stand . . .

I mentioned the old BBC mini-series (State of Play) I had watched that I thought was comparable to the Wire.

We sat and talked geo-political thoughts on livable areas to pursue a PHD in theatre. The pros and cons of the HYPED and truly meaty places to end up residing for a doctorate program.

Mentors stir ones primal sense of conquering knowledge in the rawest of ways!

learn how to make perfect desserts (read all 3 entries…)
Festival Cookies

Spent the last week making the perfect festival going cookies!

And they look perfect!

They are for Tomorrow’s Outside Land’s Festival in Golden Gate Park!

Regina Spector, Bela Fleck, Primus, Cake, Ben Harper, Tom Petty.

Except Primus and Cake are playing at the SAME time on different stages! How the hell am I suppose to choose. Seen Primus more but not in years, Only seen Cake once. Oh screw it, I’ll probably end up at Primus. I grew up in Primus mosh pits. Can’t ignore ones roots.

So, a friend and I went on this crazy spy mission to get the required ingredients for the recipe. The key was the butter. But after choosing the correct organic brand and a few hours slaving in the kitchen yesterday, presto, they are ready!

Think I’m getting a bit better at the cookie making. Baking was never my strength. Anyway . . .

Rock And ROll!!!!!!!!!!!

tell the Robots their new interface is too "starchy" and not very easy on the eyes
Liking the New

Blue over Blue heading on 43.

Maybe its time to make a comeback here on the 43.

Been off enjoying a summer after a way to hectic semester.

This new blue-on-blue action is just the motivation to get me back in the 43 joi de vivre!

Wish 99 an Enthusiastic Energetic Birthday August 17th
Okay I'm A Few Days Late . . .

But Happiest of Birthdays Anyway . . .

And to a grand year full of warm fuzzies and almost no blue meanies!!!!!

get my mojo working like a mofo (read all 9 entries…)
Sharks Stick it to the Dallas Stars (take that Texas!)

Been a tough series to watch as a Sharks fan . . .

but the comeback tonight was glorious!


make more friends all around the world... (read all 6 entries…)
Spain . . . + 10

It always makes me somewhat giddy when politicians or a country surprise me with their progressive thinking.

So, here is to Spain which according to the current events articles:

There are nine women and eight men in the new cabinet.

“It is the first government in which a woman has the defence portfolio and the first government in which there are more women than men,” Zapatero, 47, said at a news conference to announce the new lineup.

He said “equality between men and women” would be one of the chief goals of the new government, elected on March 9.

During his first four-year term, his government had already passed a raft of liberal social reforms, such as laws to allow same-sex marriages, promote gender equality, combat domestic violence and make divorce easier.

  • The thing that amazes me the most is the way it just happenned and apparently nobody in Spain even flinched; almost as if it was just another day in Spain. Just another political transition. In America it would be the subject of the media forevor (both pro and con and it would get nasty). I think America and its media needs to just chill and maybe get laid at the same time.

write a postcard to the Robots
Sorry Guys

Been awhile. But I promise one is on the way in the upcoming future.

p.s. – Robots, Have you gone with the “attractive front desk secretary” business model that I have advocated to you in the past? Because I might be in Seattle this Summer, and well, it might affect my plans.

live as a character in a novel (read all 6 entries…)
Obama's Matriarchy

Okay, I knew a liitle bit about Obama’s mother, but this article in Time magazine, with an incredibly in-depth look at her life, is amazing:;_ylt=ArNCVzW.twxpy4A36rwI4Ias0NUE

It is no wonder that Obama behaves more like the first Woman running for President than Hillary does; he was raised by an incredible woman of revolutionary choices. Obama’s Mother makes Hillary and all of her country club supporters seem like a Barbie Doll of feminist thought.

Feel free to debate me on that if you wish.

I am studying the critical thought of Helene Cixous and Catherine Clement right now and so any debate should at least be semi-logical in the arena of feminist theory.

talk like a cheeky monkey (read all 14 entries…)
The Olympic Evasion

Rule One: Create a Diversion
Rule Two: Sneak the torch that represents a greater cause into a back alley, escorted by a battalion of police motorcycles, a phalanx of ant-riot officers in full gear and half of the chinese security mafia mixed with “white” undercover agents in the same outfits.

It was an interesting Day in San Francisco.

Gavin Newsome: scored points if he wants to run for mayor of Taiwain. In San Francisco he may be in trouble much like the Chinese consolute that shipped in Chinese supporters from around the state to anti-protest the protesters.

A quagmire all around that only shows the pit China is sinking into with their attempt to host these games. It makes one think whether the rulers of China believe their own propaganda or whether they think the rest of the world only hears their version of reality. That is the question.

Too many wonderful events did occur in SF beyond the intitial press details, but just a few:

a) Tibetan monks marched accross the Golden Gate Bridge in Peace . . . as Chinese imported “Demonstrators” stormed the parade route attacking and confronting any person or car that they saw with a Tibetan flag.

b) An Official Torch Bearer from Brooklyn, bless her soul, pulled out a Tibetan Flag tucked in her sleeve and was immediately grabbed by the Chinese Security Thugs who took the torch away and shoved her to police who pushed her into the crowd as if she was a discarded condom. So much for self expression. Are not flags of all nations a part of the Olympics? If she had pulled out a Chinese flag would the same treatment been given her? Kind of pathetic the way the SF Police, which is already been criticized for years for its gestapo tactics and lack of control on crime, seemed to be acting much like a China in training.

c) The torch which changed routes at the last minute did not go along the beautiful waterfront but instaed went down the most unflattering SF street, Van Ness, before avoiding all people pro or con on China or the Olympic Torch and making a hasty drive to the Airport where the official “Moment” picture with Us OLympic Meastro Peter Ueberoth and a Chinese Olympic Official is in an Airport terminal. So classy. About as classy as giving the CHinese the Olympics and not holding them to their pledge to improve human rights.

p.s. – above pic is the woman brave enough to pull a Tibetan flag out during her run, which was VERY BRIEF. Also a man in wheelchair with the torch had a Team Tibet mini flag on his wrist that he thrust in the air frequently but was probably not noticed or thrown into the crowd due to his wheelchair-boundess.

decipher odd newspaper stories (read all 8 entries…)
A Political Event Happened and a Hockey Game Broke Out

Fisticuffs in Indiana result in congressional candidate getting hit in the eye!

According to the Star Press of Muncie, Ind., fisticuffs broke out out a contentious Delaware County Election Board meeting today.

Will Statom, “GOP registration deputy and secretary of the local Republican Party, attacked Star Press reporter Nick Werner while Werner was interviewing Ball State University student Johanna Perez about hundreds of last-minute voter registrations for Democrat Barack Obama’s campaign.”

‘He did not seem very happy that we were stating our opinions,’ Perez said afterwards about Statom.

Werner said Statom seemed critical of his reporting, sarcastically saying to make sure he screwed up the story again.

Statom had just walked past Werner when Statom turned around and pushed Werner against the wall, grabbed him and they fell to the ground, according to witnesses.”

But it gets better.

“Barry A. Welsh, Democratic 6th district congressional candidate, who attended the meeting, stepped in, and Statom turned around and hit Welsh in the eye,” the newspaper reported. “When Nick went to the floor, I tried to break it up,” Welsh said.

And for that, Statom allegedly clobbered him. The cops then broke up the fight, and Statom was later booked on battery charges, according to the Star Press.

talk like a cheeky monkey (read all 14 entries…)
Ooo La La, the French sure can Protest

My My, just when I thought the anti-torch protestors in London would never be topped, along come the French and kick major ass!

Apparently things were so chaotic that the Olympic torch had to be extinguished 4 times and sent back to the bus. In fact, they had to cancel the final third of the route due to the protestors. Tre Bien, Tre Bien!

Not sure if we will be able to be as effective in San FRan on Wednesday, but surely we will try. Speaking of trying, 3 people climbed the Golden Gate bridge today and put up a huge banner that said “Free Tibet”. The newscaster interviewing one of them on a cell phone with the newscopter hovering beside him was downright surreal. Comical in fact, because she kept asking him these inane questions like he was on a late night talk show or something. Nothing about his group and his cause, but instead stuff like “How old are you?” and “So are you married?”

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