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Sing in front of a crowd

it’s been almost 10 years since i first did this. i was 14, insecure bc people were really mean to me at school. i remember i was sooo nervous and i thought i would literally get rotten vegetables thrown at me just for getting on stage.

but it went well :D of course, and no one made any negative remarks about it.

since then i’ve done it w/o the butterflies in my stomach, in fact i find singing in front of a crowd fun, singing for a small crowd is more difficult ;)

read The Picture of Dorian Gray

i was sick, bed-ridden and had borrowed this book from the library so… one thing led to another :D

it’s a great book, Oscar Wilde is a great author and i highly recommend his other works as well!

Be less introverted
just do it!

the process of becoming less introverted began as i started to look at life as something different than how i usually view it (dull, boring, excruciating). i also felt people were annoying and draining all my energy.

i learned that life is precious. i learned that the human body in itself is the most precious gift we have right now. i learned that all humans are manifestations of one Source.

so i thought, “what the heck am i doing?”

and i began to take the opportunities to be social that presented themselves in front of me. i went to a year-long course and while i didn’t get along with all of the people there, i met a couple friends who were pretty open. every time i met new people and felt nervous, i thought, “how would X act in this situation?”

gradually i realized that all i have to do is just speak out whatever is on my mind. and not be embarrassed of asking. that’s called making conversation.

it works!

i don’t think in my 22 years of life on Earth anyone has said that i’m social – in the past year, i’ve been described as social, easygoing and a good conversationalist.

all i do is speak my mind and disagree respectfully.

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