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  1. 1. Weigh 110 pounds.
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  2. 2. Get over 85% in all my subjects.
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  3. 3. Get a job.
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  4. 4. Love him forever.
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  5. 5. Have an amazing wardrobe.
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  6. 6. Stop biting my nails.
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  7. 7. Donate blood.
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  8. 8. Get rid of my acne.
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  9. 9. Grow my hair long.
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grow my hair long
UGH! So stupid...

I am so dumb! I wanted a change so I cut my hair… really short! Not like ‘barely any hair’ short, but like ‘above my shoulders a bit’ short. Guess I’ll have to wait now… well it was pretty damaged anyway from all the straightening so whatever!

get rid of my acne
Went to my dermatologist...

My acne was never really that bad, but bad enough to do something about it! I’m on antibiotics and all of the acne on my back is gone, and I barely have any on my face… hopefully in a few months I’ll be all clear :)

Donate blood
I have really good blood apparently...

I’m 15 and I eat really healthy, and when I got a blood test done a few months ago, all of my vitamin and mineral levels were perfect and my red blood cell and white blood cell etc. count was perfect! My school was doing a blood drive but I’m not old enough to give blood :( I have to be 18. I’d love to do it though, I’m not scared of needles if it’s those tiny thin ones and I’m really not squeamish about blood. I wish I could!

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