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  1. 1. turn my boundless energy to something productive
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  2. 2. make people laugh
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  3. 3. Kiss in the rain
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Make people laugh.

In this day and age, when everyone’s so worried about the economy and war and anything else that could go wrong anytime and anywhere, people need something to set them at ease and make them see the lighter side of things, if just for a little bit. There are very few people around me, and whenever one of them smiles at something I’ve said I feel warm inside. Still, I feel as though just putting a little grin on my best friend’s face isn’t enough. I want to make a stranger happy, I want to brighten the day of someone I barely know.

turn my boundless energy to something productive

I have more energy then a nuclear power plant and most of it is wasted simply bouncing about and thinking endless thoughts about pointless things. I want to focus my energy and create something wonderful or destroy something horrible or make a difference in someone’s life.


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