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Second Lesson

My next class is in like 30 minutes and I am close to chickening out… I am just so freaking out by driving. I can drive, it just scares me to have that much power in my hands. I think i am still have scars from my motorcycle accident and it just freaks me out to drive. I am always afraid there is a little kid I don’t see running or another driver that isn’t paying attention. I don’t want to back down

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 11 entries…)

9. Knowing that no matter what his respsonse was, Justin knows how I feel
8. Getting text that randomly say ” Love you sissy” and not knowing which brother sent it
7. Knowing that dispite the fact Kassi is leaving us, we know that she is headed to bigger and better things
6. Watching Amanda perform on stage and knowing that me and my friends will be up there next year making fools of ourselves.
5. Teachers telling me that they’ll miss me and hope to see me next year so long as I am not sitting in their classrooms

try sushi

I eat some pretty strange things, growing up in the woods and all. It is not the seaweed or the uncooked fish, for some reason, the rice made me feel ill. YUCK!

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