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  1. 1. do yoga more
    38 people
  2. 2. learn more American Sign Language
    11 people
  3. 3. write a children's book
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    1,450 people
  4. 4. play with my cat more
    58 people
  5. 5. watch less tv
    1,947 people
  6. 6. find the love of my life, and for me to be the love of his life, too
    3 people
  7. 7. get married
    21,353 people
  8. 8. Have a baby
    6,210 people
  9. 9. Live happily ever after
    650 people
  10. 10. hike throught the rain forest
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  11. 11. go swimming every day I can
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  12. 12. stop sleeping in
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  13. 13. adopt a special needs child
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Recent entries
see a play on Broadway
I want to do this again

I actually got to see 3 of them my favorite was Rent, before it became a movie

write a children's book
I have two ideas

one is more complex and the other is simpler for me, the first would be better recieved by children must likely so i am up in the air, suggestions?

graduate from college

well this might seem dumb but i feel i have to list it because i am so ready to be done i know for sure that i will graduate in december (unless i fail a class which is unlikly) but it also means 12 hours this summer which is harsh for a summer, wordering what happened to my summer!


I want to:
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