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  1. 1. Make new friends
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  2. 2. be more social
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  3. 3. get in shape
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  4. 4. Get organized
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  5. 5. get out of debt
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  6. 6. stop procrastinating
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  7. 7. I want to be happy with myself for once
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  8. 8. be a better mom
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  9. 9. let go of anger
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let go of anger
My anger issues get the best of me!

Sometimes in a flash of light I can lash out and be ever so angry. Something will just set me off that either hurts my feelings or hurts someone else. How do you deal with it? Even at home,I feel like I do everything and I just lash out when i get fed up.

I want to be happy with myself for once
When do you reach a happy medium?

It seems that when you get to a certain point and you find that you are happy with yourself as a person,someone knocks you down! How do you stop that? How do you just shut off the knock downs?


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