is no longer considering law school

get crown for molar
implant complete on one tooth

when i listed this as a goal I was talking about molar, since then i had another tooth extracted. As it was a more important tooth the get back in my mouth, the last year and a half I have been to the dentist more than i have my entire life. I have received the implant, and the crown for that tooth, however I am now waiting for it to get resized… soon enough! But I will keep this goal active until i complete the implant on the molar tooth.

transfer home videos to DVD
Superstorm Sandy

I left my home videos in a drawer at home at my mom’s. They were submerged in seawater when the flood came in. I have not determined if they were completely ruined yet. So that is my first goal.


I have been meaning to volunteer for a tourette’s related organization since hs, I have emailed and hope to start soon

get a credit card
Debit doesn't count

I’m 24 and have no credit. For someone who hopes to own property someday, I better get on the road to developing some.

write my dad a letter
now i have to send it

i always do this. I have written so many, but never put it in the box.
i wrote one yesterday and i plan on typing it and printing it tonight. then mailing it tomorrow. set a goal. attain it. i’ll let you know how it goes

work at a hotel on the beach (read all 2 entries…)
Getting there

The Hotel is set to open, with the accounted delay, on june 16th. I will be working as a host in the restaurant which will serve solely organic food. The hotel itself is still under construction which is daunting. But next month, I will be gainfully employed, working with a great team on the boardwalk in a hotel restaurant! I am so excited. Almost there.

work for Cirque du Soleil in any capacity

I went on an interview to work at the bar in the VIP section. It is conflicting with my schedule, so I might miss my opportunity this time, but I still hold it as a goal… someday. The people are so inspiring.

work at a hotel on the beach (read all 2 entries…)

I’ve always wanted to live in a hotel, at least for a while. When I saw the Allegria Hotel opening in Long Beach last year, I set my sights on working there. I’ve gone on several interviews. It might just happen!

Learn circus skills

goes along with the trapeze goal… but more generically, I hope to acquire circus skills that I can perform… first step will be to introduce myself to any circus people I meet. If I ever do…

go on the trapeze (again)

also only tried once… have been desperate to try again. All it takes is some money and a day off. But I have to work on the other goal about strength and flexibility first if I want to get the most from the experience.

learn photoshop

This is one of those things that has to start with downloading the software. That’s the first step. I have an old computer and am too poor to afford a new one. But If i buy the software, I can start to learn even before I buy a new computer. Am I afraid to try to learn this on my own?



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