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  1. 1. do yoga
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  2. 2. Make friends with other married couples
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  3. 3. learn german
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do yoga
we gave it a shot, and now I gotta do it

My husband and I are borrowing a Wii and did some yoga with the Fit… we both felt awesome after just a few moves! Now this is my goal, to do more yoga for stress relief, exercise and also for more time with my husband.

learn german
has been a long-time goal with me

I have been wanting to learn German for many years. My Grandmother visits her extended family in Germany every few years, and she said she would definitely take me if I learned German. Well… here I go! :)

Make friends with other married couples (read all 2 entries…)
we've moved again

My husband and I have moved again, to a small town in Georgia. We both just need those married couples to relate to and socialize with! Hope to find some groups on some day near us and find some great people.

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