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  1. 1. Create a budget
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  2. 2. spend less money
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  3. 3. learn french
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  4. 4. wake up in a good mood
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  5. 5. learn to crochet
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  6. 6. stop procrastinating
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  7. 7. knit a scarf
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  8. 8. learn the cello
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go to europe
Planning planning planning...

My sister and I are going to Europe in June. We’ll be spending some time in England and then doing a bus tour through France, Spain, Switzerland and Italy. So excited! It’s taken lots of planning a long time in advance to get much cheaper prices. We saved at least $500 on our accommodation in England by booking early.

Create a budget

I’m not in any debt at the moment, but I’m spending more than I should without knowing what I spend it on. I still live at home and save a lot but knowing where my money goes will help reduce what I spend and let me figure out if i can afford to move out.


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