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  1. 1. rid my life of toxic people
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  2. 2. exercise more frequently
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  3. 3. pick up yoga
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  4. 4. Save money
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  5. 5. drink more water
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  6. 6. pay off my debts
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  7. 7. take better care of my skin
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take better care of my skin
My skin

I actually have been doing really well in this area. I bought a whole bunch of Aveda skin care products and they really work! I’m really happy with the results. I went for a facial last Saturday and want to stick to my goal of having a facial once a month….

get an expensive designer purse
Mmmm...overpriced purses.....

Got the Louis, Coach, Gucci. Working on Fendi, Prada and Salvatore Ferragamo. This is why I’m so in debt. sigh I love my babies though – and they love me.

get a brazilian bikini wax
It looks soooo good....

Do it! It’s awesome – no upkeep and if you do it long enough, the hair gets much, finer and softer and you have to do it less frequently.

Goes hand in hand with string bikini!

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