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I'm doing 19 things

canadaORbust4534's Life List

  1. 1. learn scottish gaelic
    87 people
  2. 2. learn finnish
    567 people
  3. 3. Skydive
    11,446 people
  4. 4. travel the world
    21,164 people
  5. 5. stop procrastinating
    30,420 people
  6. 6. Learn to speak Georgian
    12 people
  7. 7. start drawing more
    9 people
  8. 8. skate a marathon
    4 people
  9. 9. Start going to church.
    96 people
  10. 10. work at a renaissance faire
    1 cheer
    19 people
  11. 11. Get married....and STAY married
    506 people
  12. 12. read 10 books in 2009
    4 people
  13. 13. Become a Polyglot
    1 entry
    168 people
  14. 14. see the northern lights
    19,131 people
  15. 15. learn italian
    6,581 people
  16. 16. visit tierra del fuego
    8 people
  17. 17. learn Russian
    2,819 people
  18. 18. own a piece of my Scottish clan's tartan
    2 people
  19. 19. be a successful blogger
    5 people

How I did it
How to fall in love
It took me
19 years
It made me

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Become a Polyglot

I want to learn:

Spanish (studied for years, but I need to keep up with it)
Italian (currently earning a minor in, plan on studying in Italy)
Scottish Gaelic (I have dabbled in it)
French (again, dabbled before a trip to Paris)
the list is ever growing…

spend an entire day watching the extended version of all three Lord of the Rings movies back-to-back-to-back
I've done it many times

When I was in high school, I would work on a piece of rodeo art for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo auction over christmas break. I would work nonstop for 2 weeks, and on the days I was home alone all day I would pop the movies in and work with them on. It was a great way to get my work done and not hate it!

learn how to speed skate

Err… I wouldn’t say I’ve DONE it, per se, but I am doing it… I go skating nearly every free night I have! I’ve done a couple of events, and there’s nothing I love more! Getting out there on the trail and flying over that blacktop is the greatest feeling… it’s as close to flying as you can get!

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