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Appreciate achievements (rather than muse on missed chances)

I just realized that I have been doing this on and off for the last month. I have decided in this very moment as I look over my goals that this is completed. In the last 2 years I:

Ended a relationship I wasn’t happy in.
Started a relationship with someone who is very special to me.
I took 2 months away from that relationship to teach them and myself that I am worth it.
I graduated college (first to graduate with bachelors from my family).
I moved into a beautiful apartment with my best friend.
I started a job with the hospital I wanted, in the position that I wanted.
I lost 35 lbs, about 3.5 pant sizes.

I have so much more to do in life, but my god I have done a lot already! I have so much to be proud of and to appreciate.

be a vegetarian for a week

Mmm… This might be fun to try.

Go apple picking (read all 2 entries…)

Going tomorrow. It has only taken me like 3 years to get ontop of this one!

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