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Get over my first love

When I look back now it is so silly! There is no such thing as particular things you can do to make this happen… you just needs lots of time and perspective to realize that if this person were all you thought they were and you were right for each other that you would be living happily ever after right now. I became with my first love on Facebook recently and apparently he has joined a cult and is using the social networking forum to recruit new members, so not what I want in life!

visit Greece
It's fun!

I did this and it was cool :) I just visited the capital and also an island, Corfu. Different than most of the rest of Europe and also kind of expensive, so be prepared. I’d love to go back and visit more of the cool villages and mix more with the locals.

Live in Africa
I joined the Peace Corps

I joined the Peace Corps and was assigned to live in Guinea, a country in West Africa. The application process took about a year and I had to have an undergraduate degree, which took five years, so I guess all in all it took me 6 years. It wasn’t for me and I ended up leaving the PC early but I am glad I did it and I learned a lot about myself and the world. I am amazed my grocery stores in America now – they are so cool and yet they were there all along… I take nothing for granted these days.

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