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  1. 1. be more confident
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    11,592 people
  2. 2. write a book
    31,313 people
  3. 3. stop throwing clothes on the floor
    831 people
  4. 4. stop wasting time
    3,653 people
  5. 5. speak louder, slower, clearer
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    47 people
  6. 6. win the lottery
    4,029 people
  7. 7. write a novel
    11,482 people
  8. 8. find the perfect pair of jeans
    606 people
  9. 9. dance more
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    1,128 people
  10. 10. respect my parents
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    31 people
  11. 11. get taller
    452 people
  12. 12. be more social
    5,415 people
  13. 13. build my own website
    603 people
  14. 14. Make a movie
    3,122 people
  15. 15. grow my hair long
    3,852 people
  16. 16. learn how to make layouts
    4,578 people
  17. 17. Take more pictures
    15,335 people
  18. 18. watch less tv
    1,945 people
  19. 19. Go on my first date
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    126 people
  20. 20. Be less shy
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    3,042 people
  21. 21. develop my personality
    3 cheers
    116 people
  22. 22. learn a language
    827 people
  23. 23. pass my exams
    465 people
  24. 24. speak clearly
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    20 people
  25. 25. gain weight
    3,119 people
  26. 26. get a boyfriend
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    2,730 people
  27. 27. go to america
    634 people
  28. 28. figure out what i want to do with my life
    3,866 people
  29. 29. clean my room
    2,793 people
  30. 30. smile more
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    3,623 people
  31. 31. talk more
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    392 people
  32. 32. clean my room and maintain it.
    31 people
  33. 33. learn chinese
    2,662 people
  34. 34. Read the Bible
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    3,791 people
  35. 35. talk to more people
    179 people
  36. 36. be a fashion designer
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    502 people

How I did it
How to pass my driving test first time
It took me
18 months
It made me

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Talk more
those never ending long journeys never know what the hell to say!

I need help with this one, I never know what say also stucck for words

stop mumbling
Being afraid to voice my words, not being clear!

As I talk people lose interest, or I often have to repeat myself, or people mistake what I say I said dog they think I said uggs…lol…okay for months of being baffled to why its frustrating to talk…it has also knocked my confidence, I also sound like a retard and think I need to speak slowly or louder but that is not it! It is possible to whisper and still get your point across because its about the non verbal communication expressing yourself…

My mother says I mumble, after months I realised it’s being afraid of voicing your words not being clear, not have great vocab, I often get stuck in what to say and people finish my sentence.

Hey people lets try recording ourselves in videos, or tapes…see how we talk when we are alone, also try talking with tv on see if you can hear yourself???? Also read this whole blog aloud, read aloud is great practice we did it as children why stop being lazy?

In these websites it cannot stress enough reading aloud at home….—-excellent website, helping you to talk effectively within minutes and realise where you go wrong!

READ ALOUD, that is what I’ve learnt today, I have not mastered talking to people however I am in the process to battling this. Easy to say not to do though lol.

be a fashion designer
Got my placement for a fashion degree

hopefully, i can become successful and people will find an interest in my designs. If not I will become a fashion buyer.

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