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  1. 1. Run the New York Marathon
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  2. 2. Drink eight glasses of water each day
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  3. 3. run a marathon
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  4. 4. eat more fruit
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  5. 5. To live instead of exist
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To live instead of exist
I'm tired of just existing

I really do want to live. I want to enjoy life, I’ve watched so much of it pass by!

eat more fruit
Definitely need to eat more fruit

I love fruit, but I just do not eat it. I am unsure as to why. I purchase it, I clean it, and then it gets thrown away because it has gone bad.

run a marathon
Long term goal of 3 years

I want to run in the New York Marathon, but I will have to build up to that over at least the next 3 years.

I have a lot of weight to lose, and a lot of training to do. I do not expect to do this over night. I do not do well with dieting, but if I tell myself I’m training for something of a goal, it is much easier for me to except. Not sure why that is, but hey we all have our quirks.

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