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  1. 1. Become a writer
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  2. 2. stop eating fast food
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  3. 3. find my soul mate
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  4. 4. say fuck more often
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  5. 5. read a lot more
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  6. 6. start a blog
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  7. 7. Manage my money better
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  8. 8. get my driver's license
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  9. 9. be more aware
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  10. 10. stop procrastinating
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  11. 11. become a millionaire
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  12. 12. become more understanding
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  13. 13. start making beats
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  14. 14. go to Amsterdam
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  15. 15. start drawing again
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  16. 16. become a cannabis connoisseur
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  17. 17. try shrooms
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try shrooms

I really want some shrooms. It’s hard as fuck to find them in the Bronx though.

Quit Smoking

I just went cold turkey. My last cigarette was probably 2 1/2 months ago,and I don’t miss it at all. What made me quit was actually marijuana, because I learned that if you smoke cigarettes enough they kill your taste buds and sense of smell. This would of made me not able to appreciate all of the flavors of cannabis. But don’t think I just gave up one addiction for another. I’ll go days without smoking pot without any cravings, while cigarettes had me jonesing after an hour.

My advice would be to find something that you love, something that would benefit from you not smoking, and choose between the two. would you rather smoke or have white teeth, or nice smelling hair, or better lung capacity, or etc.

find my soul mate

I need to find a girl that has these qualities:

into video games, anime, and other nerdy things
smokes pot
loves music
is an individual, and not influenced by fads
has a sense of humor(beyond dane cook)
open minded
aware of worldly issues, besides stupid, celebrity bullshit

one day…

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