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August 8

Predictions of the moment:

-weed the garden
actually, something I need to do. But always an ongoing project since I practice a vague sort of permaculture
-go out with friends more (see August 6)
- actually sell something on eBay (see August 7)
- go to burning man (see August 7)
- Landscape my house
a cool goal! Most people landscape their yard. If I can’t have a corn-cob parking garage, maybe live in an urban cactus?

track my magic 8 ball predictions (read all 3 entries…)
August 7

My predictions for the moment:
- recover
(I like this one, but I would interpret “recover” as “recover my couch with blue astroturf and rubber duckies”, and I think the near & dear might not like that)
- start and finish one creative project every month
(another good one. ambiguous. but I’m committed to the Daring Bakers and going to a museum every month, so that’s creative enough for me for the time being)
- actually sell something on eBay
(did done already. And and craigslist. But not etsy. Yet.)
- go to burning man
(nope. not a goal. maybe “go back in time to burning man in one of the first three years it existed” – but not the current incarnation. Did a muddy lollapalooza in the 90s. Does that count?)
- get comfortable going out by myself
(I’ve gone to foreign countries by myself. not a problem. but I’ve never gone out wearing a lucha libre mask – that may take some comfort-making skills)

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