my life is changing

I'm doing 20 things

How I did it
How to get 100,000 subscribers on youtube
It took me
3 years
It made me

How to learn the Paul Mitchell color line
It took me
5 months
It made me

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finnish my wedding scrapbook

I got inspired the other day looking through my scrapbooks with my 2 year old. thats when i decided to just DO IT, even if they arent the perfect most creative amazing pages on the planet. AT LEAST ITS DONE. I busted it out and its done

get a bird tattoo or mom tattoo

Bird- for my grandma…. specifically flying, on my foot… not too big

or the swirled mom tattoo…. on my side or foot.

Do 1 Daily sketch every single day

even if it SUCKS, or really fast, it doesnt have to BE PERFECT. my sketchbook doesnt have to he perfect.

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