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had forgotten about this site, but was happily reminded.

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become a blood donor
Why don't I donate blood more often?!

While I do donate blood, I am not a regular blood donor… and there is no reason I shouldn’t be. I am a registered bone marrow donor already, so this is an easy next step.
I need to get on this asap.

make a smaller ecological footprint

1) Walk as much as possible. It’s my primary mode of transportation.
2) Cut down on packing.
3) Buy less stuff.

read, read, read, read

I love to read. And there is always more to read. :)

learn Icelandic
Perhaps a bit lofty - but why not add to the list...

I had such an amazing time visiting Iceland, I only wish I had been able to speak Icelandic. My attempts were awkward at best.
So, I’m determined to start learning Icelandic, so I can manage a bit better when I go back.

Always have something to look forward to (read all 2 entries…)
May Two-Four!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, it’s so on!

It’s May Two-Four and the weather looks amazing.

My very excellent plans for this weekend:

1) Stop being a nerd on the computer and go join friends for drinks on the patio.
2) Plant more herbs on the balcony. (That’s a tomorrow morning task).
3) Sit on balcony with coffee (maybe add Bailey’s) and stare thoughtfully at the world.
4) Meet up with L for a drink and an adventure of some sort. Maybe walk around and people watch from a pub’s patio?
5) Putter around aimlessly pretending to be cleaning – maybe do laundry? (this will give me the feeling of accomplishment so that I can be footloose and fancyfree the rest of the weekend without feeling too guilty).
6) Farmer’s Market for veggies and fruit!
7) Make kale chips.
8) Eat kale chips.
9) Buy some snacks for when people come over to watch the Lost finale (don’t mock me, I’m very excited to watch TV on Sunday).
10) Watch Lost finale.
11) Brunch on Monday morning. Three cheers for long weekends.
12) Walk along the canal.
13) Convince S to go hiking with me on Monday afternoon.

That’s all I have for now.

go hiking more often (read all 2 entries…)
Luskville Falls

Back from a fantastic hike with S on the Luskville Falls Trail. It was my first time on that trail. We made the mistake of assuming it would be a quick trip because the trail itself isn’t that long… But it is steep at points. Very classic ‘Canadian Shield’ geography. We enjoyed breaking the hike into intervals of walking and running. The views were nice, I’ll bring my camera next time.

The weather this week has been ridiculous – bright sunny days, perfectly blue skies (I forgot that the sky could look like that!), nice breeze, warm but not too humid. I think I have a crush on this weather.

see more live music (read all 3 entries…)
we are the music makers

It must be the warmer weather, but suddenly there are so many great shows coming up. The worst part is I can’t possibly see everyone I’d like to – where were you all in February? I could have used you then!

*Besnard Lakes with Young Galaxy in mid-June (caved and decided to go for it; haven’t seen BL in a very long time).

Debating getting tickets for:
*Rudely Interrupted – mid-June. So, I actually don’t know that much about them, but apparently they are fantsatic.
*Kele (from Bloc Party) in July. Sounds good… Not sure yet if I’ll buy a ticket. Yay or nay?

travel (read all 2 entries…)
A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.

So, I’ve done some travelling since I last updated this ‘thing’.

I was out in Alberta for a bit, which was nice and fun. Then I spent time on Vacouver Island, which was beautiful.

Tofino and Ucluelet are incredible, and I can see what draws people back time and time again.

In August I’ve taken a few weeks off in the hope of going somewhere. Since I’m travelling with friends the ‘where’ keeps chaning. I’m pretty much okay with going anywhere and my friends are all laid back as well.

I had hoped to travel back to China, but August is a muggy and nasty time to be in most cities, so I think that’s a better spring or fall adventure.

Debating between Peru and Ecuador. Or maybe somewhere else in South America… Any ideas?

I’m also interested in Iceland, but my ‘companions’ aren’t as into this idea as I am – plus it seems very pricey. I suppose if I go to Iceland I should try and travel for the Airwaves Festival anyway.

I’m okay with most places in Europe. I’ve already travelled to quite a few European countries, but I’d always be happy to go back again soon. Of course August is a busy and expensive time to be in Europe, hotels will be full and wild.

I think much of Central America is wet and rainy and less then wonderful this time of year (August).

I’m leaning towards Peru. I’ve always wanted to see Machu Picchu.

declutter my life (read all 10 entries…)
please take my stuff.

Ottawa’s 2010 ‘Hidden Treasures’ weekend is coming up, so this is a great motivation to get my old stuff out of my apartment.

Basically you put your unwanted stuff on the curb with a sign marked ‘free’ and hope someone gives your random stuff a new home.

A few weeks left to get organized. I will make this happen.

Join the Slow Food Movement
slow cookers are my friends

The Farmer’s Market opened last weekend! Hurrah!
Living in Ottawa means that there is a short growing season, so I savor all chances that I get this time of year.

I’ve been chowing down on fiddleheads because there’s such a short window of time to enjoy them.

Finish what I start (read all 2 entries…)
A work in progress...

This has been… a challenge, but I’m still working on it. Seeing this on my things list reminds me to get myself in gear.

see more live music (read all 3 entries…)
everyone deserves music

Hi random strangers,

Just bought tickets to see Library Voices, which should be a fun show. I’ve been wanting to see them for awhile.

Ottawa’s Folk Festival looks ridiculously good this year.

Of course it falls on the weekend that I’m to out of town on some random trip I’m taking for a few weeks in August (which coincides with another ‘thing’ which is travel more often).

Oh well, a trip will be better and I have seen most of these people before (or will have chances to see them again), but in case you are curious: The Acorn, Arrested Development (this is strange to me but I won’t criticize any opportunity to dance to Everyday People in a mass crowd), Bahamas, Bruce Peninsula, Calexico, Carolyn Mark, The Hidden Cameras, Jim Bryson with (get this?!) the Weakerthans, Rock Plaza Central, and many more.

My oh my.

Always have something to look forward to (read all 2 entries…)
this will be easy because life is good

1) Ottawa Bluesfest – I love outdoor music festivals. I always have a ton of fun with my friends listening to amazing music, lounging in the sun, drinking beer and eating watermelon (and other summer favourites). It starts July 6th, so I have a bit of a wait.

2) Summer days at the cottage – or even better summer evenings by the bonfire. Some of my closest friends and I always make time for a special long weekend at the cottage where we stuff ourselves with great food and participate in the great badminton tournament.

3) Born Ruffians + Ted Leo in June. Yay!

4) C + C + R + Me = Annual Birthday Bash. Our combination birthday party is rivaled by no other. Again, it’s in July, but we’ve begun the planning now. Must decide whether to rent out a bar or cheap out and go for the closest Legion. Hmm….

5) B & T’s Wedding.

6) Summer vacation in August – I’m going somewhere, just not sure where just yet. Suggestions?

7) The Great Glebe Garage Sale (May).

8) Planting my herbs (soon, I hope).

9) The weekend (any weekend).

10) Drinks on patios or balconies after work. :)

go hiking more often (read all 2 entries…)
Good start to the year

So my wonderful workout partner S and I have started running in the Gatineau Hills. I think this can count as hiking, even though it’s technically trail running. We generally hit the gym 5 days a week for a couple of hours, and we thought we should try to ditch the treadmill for running outdoors.
We just started up last week and ran three different trails, so we had three outdoor workouts and two indoor training sessions. It was fantastic. Of course there aren’t many bugs at the moment, so this is the best time aside from the Fall.

see more live music (read all 3 entries…)
hot child in the city

So this is somewhat of a strange thing for my list because compared to many people I do watch a lot of live music. All that aside though, I want to make sure that I keep going to live shows, so adding it to my things to do list is a great reminder.

I’ve bought my festival pass for Ottawa’s Bluesfest, so I’m excited for the summer.

This month I’ve seen Jason Collett with Zeus and Bahamas – fanastic show!

I also went to see Graham Wright (of Tokyo Police Club – his album should be out in the Fall, great stuff, check it out, you can download is Lakes of Alberta EP for free:, who played with In Flight Safety and Said the Whale. Again, another amazing evening for only a few dollars.

I also just bought tickets for the Born Ruffians and Ted Leo shows in June, which I’m super excited for!!!

Debating buying tickets for the Besnard Lakes & Young Galaxy show. I’ve seen them both before, but that was awhile ago.

This summer is going to be wonderful. :)

take more pictures...better pictures (read all 2 entries…)

Okay, I’ve haven’t been doing a good job with this goal at all. I’m working on it though. I’ve started bringing my camera out with me again and it’s made me happy.

learn Mandarin (read all 7 entries…)

So, I sort of disappeared from 43 Things, but I didn’t stop this goal. I’m still working on it and listening to my lessons during my walk into work each morning.
So far so good, although I don’t think I’ll be ready to cross it off my list for some time. I have a way to go. :)

Make the most of this summer (read all 10 entries…)
Mojitos and sunshine = happiness

Is it still summer? Hmm, I’m going to go by the official season status and assume that it’s still summer.

The long weekend was fantastic. Incredible weather. The kind of weather we prayed for all summer.

Helped Ryan & Danielle move into their new place. Followed by beer and pizza, and a wonderful impromptu gathering which turned into a fun evening. Spent another day sitting and reading in the sun drinking coronas, being happy. Monday was about doing a few chores, enjoying mojitos and visiting with some friends.

This week is very busy in a good way.

This weekend is a Yacht Rock themed party (yay!).

Life is being good to me.

declutter my life (read all 10 entries…)
Good Grief

I recently got rid of a sleeping bag that I got when I was about 13 years old.


Can’t believe I kept that thing for so long. How humiliating to actually admitt this to strangers.

I cut out some of the fabric from the inside and have saved it to use in my quilt (another goal that is taking a quite a while to accomplish).

My place got a little out of control this summer, but I’ve got it back under control. Things are organized and I am happily downsizing.

Less is more.

Finish what I start (read all 2 entries…)
Procrastination is like masturbation; In the end you're just screwing yourself

I have this awful tendency about starting things, but then losing interest and not following through.

I the early stages, my enthusiasm is almost blinding and I am all geared to accomplish whatever it is I have set my mind too. But then I tend to get bored quickly. Hence I have many unfinished projects in my life (and to do lists) that mock me.

This website is proving useful, because I’m somewhat more accountable for the things I say I’ll do (even if just to strangers).

I’m wonderful how I’ll ever be able to mark this as complete.
I don’t think it’s fair to just tick it off my list the moment I follow through with something. I’ll need to keep the momentum up for a while before I can actually brag about changing my habits.

I’m really trying though.

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