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  1. 1. Learn a martial art
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  2. 2. have more confidence in myself
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  3. 3. Understand football
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  4. 4. accept my body
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  5. 5. trust my intuition
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  6. 6. increase my flexibility
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  7. 7. graduate from college
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  8. 8. go to a Sci-Fi convention
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  9. 9. Improve my self-esteem
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  10. 10. learn Korean
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  11. 11. teach English abroad
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  12. 12. get my black belt
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  13. 13. lose 20 lbs
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  14. 14. flirt more
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  15. 15. stop caring what other people think
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be an audience member for a TV show taping

Last September a few friends and I went and saw Maury. We were hoping for a baby mama episode, but instead we got a little people talent show. It was pretty fun! We actually got to sit on the stage behind the performers, so when the episode was on I saw my friends and I dancing around. Maury is really tall.

give up soda

I stopped drinking soda almost a year ago, although I do occasionally drink Ginger Ale. I don’t drink Coke, Pepsi, Sprite or anything else. I don’t notice any improvements weight-wise or health-wise. Lol! The only thing different is if I drink even a little bit now, I always feel like there are bubbles/air trapped in my chest and I end up burping watery, fizzy burps for like 2 hours straight afterwards. Gross!

learn Korean

I’m a Korean major, possibly thinking about picking up International Studies as a minor. It’s a challenging but fun language to learn. I hope to work for the FBI in future.

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