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  1. 1. learn spanish
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  2. 2. see an opera
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  3. 3. draw more
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  4. 4. visit Paris
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  5. 5. travel the world
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  6. 6. go to the symphony
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  7. 7. Write more
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  8. 8. Learn to play the piano
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  9. 9. visit Rome
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Learn to play the piano
Learning piano

I’ve been teaching myself to play for a number of years but have trouble practicing on a regular basis. For the past two years my daughter’s been taking lessons and by helping her with her practice I’ve been improving quite a bit. I’ve been playing Fur Elise and Ode to Joy but I don’t know quite what to do next. I wish I could just improvise a bit. I’ve known people who have learned to play by ear and I just don’t get it. There so lucky to be able to accompany singers and musicians without sheet music.


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