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Read 50 books in 2007
Done, yay!

I wonder if I’ll manage 75???

read 100 books in 2007 (read all 45 entries…)
50) Kitty and the Midnight Hour

Thank god, finally something that flowed and was fun to read. Good supernatural chick-lit. Kitty has a sense of humour, is nicely sarcastic and doesn’t take herself to seriously. I liked that in this first book of the series vampires and werewolves are coming out of the closet. In all the other books with this plot line that I’ve read, the books always start after the fact. It is quite refreshing to see how the critters of the night actually deal with it. Book two is on order and book three is already on my shelf…

read 100 books in 2007 (read all 45 entries…)
49) Nemesis by Bill Napier

Snore, don’t bother! Imagine Tom Clancy having one of those reaaaally long explanations of something in another one of those military conspiracy things, add a little Armageddon to it and a small helping of Angels and Demons. And you get a fairly boring read with a very improbable and silly plot twist at the end, that makes you go “Huh?”. Sorry, put me to sleep several times this week…

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