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listen to the bible on cd (read all 29 entries…)
Yahoo I have finish the entire Bible...thanks to the 60 CD's...

The boys and I continue to read daily from the children’s bible. August 9th will be the start of the new testament. Plus the oldest and I have started a bible study from church. I am thinking it is going to take us a real long time to complete that. We have books one and two, and I think there are like 60 or more of them. Should be good just the same.

write just for the sake of saying something... (read all 16 entries…)
church guest speaker was Bill Vanderbush...

awesome. Love the church and seems I enjoy each guest speaker more and more with each one they have come. I think I may attend the Pastor’s conference this year. I recently found out it is open to anyone, not just pastors. I am loving the Bible. I think I am really going to miss 43 Things. It helped me through the worst of my cancer journey.

listen to the bible on cd (read all 29 entries…)
1 John 5 and once CD to go...

so excited that I am really going to finish, and so proud me and the boys have kept up with their reading as well. We are already looking for a step up to read when the new year comes. Perhaps one for teenagers. We read a book about the Presidents and it mentioned that several of them read the Bible daily, one did each year, and that was one of President Lincoln’s favorite reads!

listen to the bible on cd (read all 29 entries…)
Down to three CD's...

getting really excited to finish! Didn’t read with boys today, so we will do two days tomorrow.

be an inspiration to others...learn to give testimony! (read all 18 entries…)
Here's the story.....

my daughter has been struggling since she first started going to church. I as a mom, keep telling her to keep the faith, and keep prayer. Over the last few days she has sunken lower and lower with her car front end shot. Needs struts, springs, bearings just to name a few. Her boyfriend and father of her two littlest told her it was her problem that he has no money and can’t help her. He does not want her to get a job, besides the baby has sensory issues and cries for everyone, but mom. They are almost out of food, and she feels hopeless. She asked to barrow my husbands car, but he said No. She can use my car, which she hates to us as their are shards of glass that come out of the vent up by the windshield. To make a long story short, she gave in to us my car and took the baby. The two that live with me and the other three stayed home with me. She was ranting about nothing in her life being worth anything and praying wasn’t helping, and I finally told her enough. That she better start appreciating what she has. Ya what is that. You have a roof over your head, you and your six beautiful kids are healthy, you have food to eat, even if it is not much and not what you want. She left. After she pulled out of the driveway I sat the five kids down on the floor in a circling and told them we are going to pray for your mom. I started and it went in order oldest to youngest. The second refused, but still sat and held hands and said amen, and the youngest said amen, amen, amen. She is going to be two August so I thought three amen’s was very fitting.
Hence when my daughter arrived home three hours later she had adjusted her attitude. She said she cried and prayed and then went on with what she had to do. Things are all still the same, but she has regained strength that the Lord will pull through.

listen to the bible on cd (read all 29 entries…)
so close ...

1 Corinthians with four CD’s to go. Inspiration to finish. My friend listen to her CD’s eleven times back when she had a job where she was driving. She read through the New Testament. I want to finish and see where it leads me.

write just for the sake of saying something... (read all 16 entries…)

Daughter came over with the four grandkids. The second was off since he first woke up. Oldest is obsessed with the fourteen year old home school girl down the street. He’s begging to go play with her. I told him he needed a brake for a few days and needed to give her space. Basically, two days okay they were alone in the garage at her house. He went and sat in her personal space next to her, and she got up and moved. He followed, and again she moved. Third time he follows her again, and then tries to kiss her, and she walked away and went into the house. The second told me she wanted to talk to me, so I called the dad. They are Christian and home schooled kids. He talked with her, called and talked to his Pastor, which is his best friend, and then came and talked oldest grandson. Still the oldest wants to go be with her.
So back to yesterday. He is begging to go see her~no, you have to wait till she comes to see you.
Second is off, and daughter and I have to interject to keep him from going off on an emotion break down with the youngers. They can’t touch his stuff, but he doesn’t want to clean it up, or put it away.
Then the knock comes on the door. It is DSS they had a report, which the counselor told me he was reporting me, and they just want to talk to me. It was like two hours before they left. They are coming back in a week and a half to talk with my husband. Then they are going to talk with the two boys that live with me.
What was the report. During the seconds last emotional outburst he was pinching the youngers, hitting and kicking them as we were driving. He got unbelted and go right up in the seven month olds face as she was sleeping and started screaming. Of course she woke up hysterical. Had to pull him out of the van all the while he is screaming and going to run in the road and kill himself. So I smacked him in the face. Once! He calmed down enough to get back in the van and get him home which I sent him down for to his room. He screamed and throw things and then fell asleep. When he woke up all was well.
I was thankful daughter was there so she could say about the years until he came to live with me. Actually they all lived with me until she moved out two years ago with the four younger kids.
How do I feel…very calm, peaceful. Either my feelings are turned off, or I have just excepted that what happens will be from God.
The oldest told the bus driver the last day of school that my husband and I hit him all the time. We have not touched him in more than a year and a half. If hitting an out of control child once is abuse, then I am guilty. On a daily basis, no not at all. Once a month, not at all. Maybe once every six months.
My daughter and I have asked for help since the boys were like two and three years old. First the pediatrician, then testing, more testing, more visits to the pediatricians. Meds, no meds, meds. Diagnosis…ADHA for the one. ADD for the other. Mood disorder(whatever that means, ODD, anxiety, depression for the oldest, and sensory disorder for both. Emotional disregulation just naming a few.
HELP!!! Well there really isn’t any that I have seen. Two years of counseling, two years of sensory therapy. Reading books. We have good, and we have bad. When it is good, it usually is really good. When it is bad, it is really bad. I worked in Montessori school for eight years. I was trained in Montessori toddler infant care. Had many, many, many parenting classes and still nothing prepared me for kids like this. Sometimes I wonder if they are possessed. Sometimes I wonder how I am in this position of not knowing how to handle these two boys.
Love! What does that have to do with it? Their mom and I love them more than words can describe. That doesn’t help. I just don’t know….

listen to the bible on cd (read all 29 entries…)
on CD 54 Acts...

Only six more CD’s to go. Already made my mind up to go through the new testament a second time this year. I just read that one must pray the bible not just read through it. The more you go through it, the more understanding that will come.

listen to the bible on cd (read all 29 entries…)
Am on Luke now...don't remember what number CD it is.

We have stayed up with the children’s Bible and are right on track with that. Been reading “White Knuckle Faith” by Pastor Dave and Jeanne Kaufman. The head Pastor’s at the Holy Life Tabernacle. Easy read and interesting to hear how it was with them with a critically ill daughter who was at death’s door more than once, and how they remained in faith throughout. There daughter is now grown, married, and with two adopted sons. What a testimony!

write just for the sake of saying something... (read all 16 entries…)
so when is 43 things done? Tomorrow is July...

Haven’t really been inspired to do things other than read. Mostly the “Bible”. Ride my bike when I am home and not too tired. Last night my brother asked me to write about my brother who committed suicide in 2005, three months before my dad died. I was sad to think of my brother no longer on this earth, but most happy, and honored to write of my brother while he was here. He had his share of defect(as we all do). He had so much potential. Read about my brother that asked me to write about our brother who left earth in 2005.
My daughter has started a blog and I am so proud of her for sharing personal stuff. Here is her link should anybody be interested.
Both are looking for more followers. Leave comments if you care too!

listen to the bible on cd (read all 29 entries…)
Finally going to start the New Testament tomorrow...

I think I can, I think I can, I know I can! Still at it with the kids on their “Bible” as well. Some days they tell me they don’t want to read it, and that just make me want to do it more, and let’s me know that it is the right thing to do. We have been reading other books daily too, like a book on the Presidents and other educational books. We our reading about people who have done things to help the environment and when we finish they have to pick one person to write a letter too. Maybe I should make them write a letter to the President as well. Yup, I think that is a good idea!

listen to the bible on cd (read all 29 entries…)
Excited to be on the last CD of the old testament...

It was rough to get it in this week with driving the boys to there KATP camp and VBS, plus appointments. However I managed to stay on track.

write just for the sake of saying something... (read all 16 entries…)
Time is flying and before we know it the summer will be over...

Birthday was a good day. My husband humbled himself and came to my daughter’s for birthday dinner. He gave me a dozen roses the night before for my birthday and apology and he does not want to talk about his son because it just makes him mad. I still told him that he is never going to separate my daughter and grandkids from me. I told him I was sorry that his kids are jerks and don’t appreciate him, and that he will never ever have the relationship with his kids that I have with my daughter until his kids want to have it, and because of his behavior about that it won’t happen. I told him I am praying for him and his kids. That was the end of it, for now. The associate pastor has made an appointment to meet with me and my husband. He gave us some cd’s to listen too, but hubby just put them aside.

listen to the bible on cd (read all 29 entries…)
I am excited....

I am in Ezekiel with only five cd’s left of the old testament. I can’t wait to start the New Testament. I have had a few ah ha moments while reading through with he cd. I told my mom when I was a teenager that I wanted to read through the whole Bible. That was a long time ago. I am glad that I am finally doing it.

write just for the sake of saying something... (read all 16 entries…)
June 2nd a new month...

Doesn’t it go in with the new and out with the old? Not too much is new…but hubby wants to make peace so I can enjoy my birthday tomorrow. My heart has not really softened. Maybe I kept too much bottled up about his son and daughter from his second woman, which he married without divorcing the first wife. Which, by law they were not married. Then he married me, making my marriage not real either. Two years ago he divorced the first and married me legally at the court house. The lawyer says we don’t need to do anything about the second as he was never really married to her, but his heart was. I pushed him to have a relationship with the two adult boys from the first marriage and he has thanked me often. The second set of kids daughter now over thirty, and son over twenty two he just feels so guilty about leaving them in Mexico. They are both her in the states illegally now. Son is married to an American, and the daughter is living with her daughter and a divorced man who is as old as my husband, her dad.
If the shoe fits wear it! The shoe fit for me to criticize me and push me to separate from my daughter and now my grandkids. He won’t hear anything I say about his son and daughter. It is a real stone wedged between our relationship. He blames everything on my daughter and I. He jumps when they tell him, not considering anything with me. Example he told me he would go to a funeral with me. It was my friends husband. The day before the funeral his son asked him to go with him to buy his motorcycle, which he needed my husband to co sign for. My husband told me sorry I promised my son. I forgot about the funeral, so I went by myself and he co signed for a fourteen thousand dollar motorcycle. Long story short the son had to take back the motorcycle because he could no longer afford payments. My husband is refusing to pay the $300 that they still owe, and of course they are not going to pay. His daughter and son constantly do things like this to him, and I am suppose to just lie down and take it. That’s what Mexican woman do. Too bad I am American, and I wasn’t raised like.
Sorry I am ranting. I just meant to come on and say how much I will miss 43 things even though I hasn’t felt very connected with it for a while.

listen to the bible on cd (read all 29 entries…)
on this last day of May 2014 as I struggle with my ...

relationship with my husband. Really there is no relationship right now. He goes and does what he wants. Neither of us talk, and I am the one sleeping on the cough. Once again it is due to his son!
This has just pushed me further into staying on track with the cd’s. I am on the end of Proverbs’s. I have three books which I read daily and go through scripture with as well. I have been praying to make my heart more like Jesus’ heart and to lead me in the way I need to go with my none relationship. It has been three days now like this.
The kids and I are now on six months of reading the children’s Bible, and I rejoice when people tell me the kids tell them what we are reading!

listen to the bible on cd (read all 29 entries…)
Starting cd 30 today...

missed yesterday, but hope to catch up today. I am so happy to be almost half way done. Listening is good, but following along in the bible really helps. My daughter is almost done reading the whole thing with no cd’s. I can’t focus enough without the cd’s. I think that is part of the chemo.

Buy a bike and use it... (read all 8 entries…)
loving my new bike...

can’t ride to fast, nor too far, but at least I am using it and moving!

listen to the bible on cd (read all 29 entries…)
starting cd 22 out of 60.

1 chronicles will be next one to listen to. Still up to date with the boys “bible” reading.

Goal for 2014 ~ closet in cat room organized like an office. Boys closet put drawers in it for their clothes. Continue to clean out and organize the whole house. Paint living room and rearrange. (read all 7 entries…)
Looks like I missed writing that the living room is all painted...

one of these days hubby will be inspired to hang the new trim. Cat room is at a stand still. Too much stuff in it, and hubby lost is enthusiasm to work on it. So close. Now we are focusing on the containers for the garden seven out of twelve are done.

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