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send my dad to Ireland
It would mean the world to him...and me

If he were able to travel to Ireland before he dies. My dad is battling his third brain tumor quite valiantly, but we are all coming to the realization that this one is not going to end well. This one being the only cancerous one he has had would seemingly make it much more difficult but the cancer was actually lucky. Without there would have been no treatment whatsoever for his tumor because of it’s location and that he has already received as much radiation as he can humanly withstand. At least with the cancer he can take chemo and it slows the tumor buying him time. How much time, we don’t know. But it seems to be slipping by fast. One thing he has wanted to do his whole life is go to Ireland. There is a County of Kerry and a Butler hotel within this county, and together those two make up his name. If anyone has suggestions on how this trip could be made possible with very…very little money I would appreciate it more than you could ever know.

move out of the country
Want to!

I desperately want a change of pace and I know I first have to finish school before I ever decided to leave the country, but I think the hardest thing will be to make time in my life to go. Or to reasonably work it in with what I want to do career-wise. I have thought about it a lot and still do and I know it would be hard to leave my family and friends, but in the long run I know I can’t live life worrying about what can happen and just do things.


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