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breastfeed my son for as long as he wants

I just passed the two year marks with my son. Currently pregnant and doing tandem nursing for my first son and the pregnancy. I wish that my son would self-wean soon, but still, he can breastfeed as long as he wants.

empower women to breastfeed

I just joined the committee of Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group Singapore as well as occasionally advising breastfeeding moms in Indonesia. I’m so happy, and hope to be able to make a difference

Travel on the Trans-Siberia railway (read all 2 entries…)
Update on planned route.

I might want to do the transib starting from Hanoi, since air tickets to hanoi is really cheap from Singapore. Then take Hanoi-Beijing Train.

I also want to take the Tibetan Train from beijing before or after doing transib.

Meanwhile, my transib route will be like this:
Beijing – Ulan Bator – Ulan Ude – Irkutsk – Vladivostok – Irkutsk – Harbin – Beijing. I’d rather have a loop than to continue to Moscow.

Then return to singapore by train to Hanoi and take Tiger Airways from Hanoi to Singapore.

Allocated time will be six to eight weeks to do Singapore – Hanoi – Beijing – Lhasa – Beijing – Transiberian – Beijing – Hanoi – Singapore. Target: Year 2009 or 2010 spring or summer.

Must travel in a group of four to save cost in getting soft sleepers cabins.

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