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  1. 1. Stand Up and be Counted Again!
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  2. 2. write a book
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  3. 3. learn feng shui
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  4. 4. stand up
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  5. 5. travel more
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  6. 6. live each day as if it were my last, but learn each day as if I'll live forever
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write a book
A Fun Tour of Europe

As a matter of fact, I clicked on this subjuct by accident and I could not find a way to delete it.

I have put my experience of writing a book in ‘writing essays and getting my ideas out to the world’.

Trust me, if you want to write a book, do it! Do it Now!!!! And when the book is done and published, when you are holding the first printed book from the printer, the feeling is exactly like when you are holding your first baby, I CRIED!!!

Stand Up and be Counted Again!
Stand Up and be Counted Again!

I closed down my business after the tsunami on 26th Dec, 2004, it seems that I have made a wrong move. I have lost everything and I am jobless now.

Before the tsunami, I used to enjoy what I was doing, I have friends coming to visit me almost everyday. With the retail business I was doing, I could live a comfortable life.

But then, the world started to topple over after 911, SARS, bird flu in Southeast Asia, the terrorist attacks in Bali, Spain, the Gulf wars and then came the tsunami, with the sharp dropped in tourists arrival, I have no choice but to terminate my small business.

Now at the age of 53, I have to find ways and means to stand up and be counted again!!! Its difficult but I will never give up!!!

write essays, articles and blog entries to get my ideas out in the world (read all 2 entries…)
To do a BLOG at the age of 53!

I started to learn using computer at the age of 48, that was 5 years ago,and bcoz I started to use computer, I have to do something with it, that is the reason why I started to write essays.

At the beginning of this year, I have heard a lot of young people talking about BLOGGING, but I did not know what it is. I asked around and I was introduced to the MSN Spaces.

And guess what??? I have done up my own BLOG, without the help of my children. I’ve done it!!! .

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