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get rid of all my clutter (read all 11 entries…)
Still decluttering

Today while sorting stuff, I flipped through a notebook. It looked new but I’d written in a couple of pages. It was a diary from several years ago. And what was I writing about? Decluttering! Apparently I spent a whole weekend doing it.

I’ve been making very sincere efforts for a while now to weed out stuff and I think it’s going quite well. I don’t hoard so much stuff now (I used to call it “collecting”) plus there’s stuff set aside that’s earmarked to go once I get a chance to spend some time sorting through it.

One rule that I really like is the one in one out rule (or something like that). Basically if you’re going to bring an item into your home you have to get rid of one other item. So this is going to be my blueprint for the future.

I’m feeling quite pleased because in the garage now I’ve packed 10 boxes to take (more will be added) but the stuff that I’ve decided to give to charity is 16 boxes. BF’s mom was here today and she looked quite surprised that it was such a large pile.

Here’s an example of what I’m donating – some board games, a couple are brand new. The fact is, BF and I don’t play board games when we’re together, we either watch TV or go for a walk. So all the board games except one are going.

And as of today I’ve discarded all my lecture notes from the course I started (but never finished) 12 years ago. It was a bit sad as I was looking through them but I feel like they belonged to a previous version of myself. The new me has no time for these notes.

Another thing I’m going to do is to go through my old journals, take out only the juicy stuff and put them into my online journal. Then I can get rid of all the notebooks, about 10 of them or so.

I am also giving away quite a lot of books. One thing I am embarking on is to get e-books and to do away with actual books. As much as possible. I will try not to buy any actual books in the future.

I’m going to look through the bathroom now to see if there’s any stuff there I can get rid of.

Pack up the house to move interstate (read all 15 entries…)
Eight Days Left

It’s suddenly snuck up on me. I don’t know how.

I thought it was going to be a quiet day but I found out from BF’s mum that his brother was coming to pick up the stuff they’d left in the garage. I panicked, thinking his wife and kids were coming too and it would be left to me to babysit the kids. I tried to tidy up as quickly as I could. Think I did a pretty good job, putting all BF’s books into boxes, still unsealed, will leave that up to him. Also put the unwanted books in the recycling bin. Took some of the storage tubs downstairs and have filled up one with craft materials that I won’t be using for a while.

BF’s brother came alone (phew) at least the kids weren’t there but I had to help him load up his stuff. Took an hour or so. After he’d left I figured it’d be quiet but then BFs parents came unexpectedly. His mom assumed that I knew she was coming but I was quite clueless. They had come to take the pine chest of drawers I had promised them. Unfortunately it started to rain, they hadn’t brought any tarpaulins for the trailer so I tried to use some plastic sheets which were set aside for packing. Some of it got wet though, which saddened me. I just hope it won’t rot or something. They also took a small table and TV stand.

The house and garage are starting to look a bit emptier now which is a relief.

Next milestone is to fill the recycling bin and figure out if there are any items left to donate, because both of these – the garbage and charity items = will be picked up on Tuesday.

10 boxes are packed to take with us, mostly my stuff. Lots more to go. Yikes, have to do it in the next week or so. After this morning’s successful efforts, I think the secret is to do it quickly. Sorting seems to take the longest time.

BF is coming this weekend from interstate to help with the final packing and we’re flying down to Victoria together on Tuesday.

Prepare a weekly menu plan (read all 2 entries…)
Trying to be more organised

I need to come up with some meal ideas for BF and I. For some time I’ve been thinking that I’m pretty limited in what I cook. Since I am budget-conscious, I tend to buy cheap food like mince and chuck steak. When cooking for both of us, Dinner is usually:
1) Curried mince with rice
2) Beef stew (with chuck steak or blade)
3) Curried chicken drumsticks with rice
Less frequently:
4) Chicken rice casserole with bacon and mushrooms
5) Lentil curry and rice
6) Pork scotch fillet in curry sauce with rice
Salad and vegies on the side of course.

I don’t tolerate wheat so most pasta is out. Recently BF has discovered he can’t tolerate it very well either.
So I’m going to have to think of some ideas that are cheapish, sort of healthy and that we can tolerate.

Tonight for dinner – for myself – I’m baking some spareribs using the sparerib sauce in the cupboard. (I’m trying to use all the food lying around before the move). I suppose this could be an alternative recipe. BF doesn’t like to eat meat with bones in it, which I find bizarre and annoying. He obviously didn’t come from a family where there were lectures about the starving children in Africa and finishing food on your plates or else.

I will have to come up with more ideas for dinner. I’m not a very good cook and I wish I was better. Guess I’ll have to practice cooking different things.

I might have to create some sort of recipe folder.

Use public transport in Logan (by myself)
Finally - caught a bus!

Local government elections were held today. I thought that I could go to the aged care centre next door to vote (it said so on the voting website) but when I went there the staff had no idea about it.

To my chagrin, I had to go home and look up the locations of the other centres. The closest centre was in Daisy Hill and I had to catch a bus since it was too far to walk. I’ve been meaning to ride on a bus here since I arrived in QLD almost a year ago. I can’t believe I haven’t caught a bus here before! It was very clean and not many people were on it.

I thought the fare was very expensive when comparing it to Sydney fares. (Maybe that’s why I don’t normally use the bus, I try to walk everywhere.) $9 for the round trip. Gee. Voting is expensive!

But at least I caught a bus, got to my destination with no fuss, and it wasn’t as difficult as I thought.

Pack up the house to move interstate (read all 15 entries…)
Sixteen Boxes! Going to Charity, that is...

I packed up a smallish box for the charity pile yesterday and today I got a couple of boxes from behind the Amart Sports store in our local shopping centre. Free boxes, yay! I’m using these for the goods to give away and our old moving boxes are being reused for the next move.

I packed up some of my garments this evening. I felt like I was slipping behind so decided to start on the clothes. It was pretty straightforward. What I’m having trouble with is deciding which books to take. Living room is a bit of a mess with tubs and boxes and stuff piled everywhere.

Oh well, at least I did two more boxes. Will try to do more tomorrow, it’s late now.

Have a beautiful Big life, filled with happy people and wondrous places, by sharing my many strengths and talents for fun and profit! =)
It sounds good but...

I’m not sure how to do i! Lol.

Pack up the house to move interstate (read all 15 entries…)
Fifteen and counting....

Fifteen! FIFTEEN BOXES! Bwa ha ha ha ha! (the Count in Sesame Street)

That’s what I thought when I looked at the fifteen boxes which are being donated. A few are small boxes with heavy books inside.

I’m going through all my things and dividing them into keep or give away.

The charity is sending a truck to pick up on May 2. I have about a week to go through everything else. I can do it, yeah. (she says, trying not to panic)

Pack up the house to move interstate (read all 15 entries…)
Prematurely frazzled

Stuff surrounds me everywhere. At least we have one mostly empty bedroom.

I repacked the charity boxes to use the weaker non-moving boxes as opposed to the ones we purchased. Should have done that before. I may have to rearrange the things inside because I did it in a hurry.

Other thing is I organised my cosmetics and toiletries, put the ones to take in a box which is currently half full and unsealed. It’s quite heavy. Might have to tidy it up a bit. Have a lot of half empty bottles which I will try to finish in the next week.

Didn’t add to the boxes to take but I have come to a decision that I will only take the basics and focus on storing quite a lot. I have the feeling that BF’s job is going to cause him a lot of stress and he probably won’t want to stay that long. So instead of trying to take everything it’s going to be take what I will use and leave the rest here. Or donate it.

Pack up the house to move interstate (read all 15 entries…)
I hate packing

I wish we could just stay in one place like normal folks! Lol. I’d probably get bored but we are moving more than I would like.

Attacked the linen closet, sorted and packed sheets and towels.

Found the last few dinner service plates and packed them to go to Vinnies.

Packed up most of my stationery items into a box.

6 boxes packed. More to follow.

Pack up the house to move interstate (read all 15 entries…)
Bit by bit

19 April

packed a few more books to go

Posted final ebay item for now

Did laundry, bought groceries

scanned remaining cookbooks

Finished first work file

BF is stressing about slowness of move and was giving me a big lecture over the phone. Renovations can only proceed once I vacate and BF is stressing about lost rent. I think he is partly to blame since he was going to do a lot of this himself but took his own sweet time over 7 months and then got the job offer and had to move, leaving much undone.

Looks like I’ll have to get everything packed up asap and now I’m trying not to stress. He is going to fly up here in a couple of weeks, help with final packing, and then I will fly down with him leaving our handyman to paint the ceilings and finish renovations.

Sigh. Back to work. No rest for the wicked I’m afraid…

Pack up the house to move interstate (read all 15 entries…)
Two weeks to pack the rest

Note to self: don’t panic, don’t panic.

I have 2 and a bit weeks to pack up all the stuff in the house. I also have paid work to do. I have to get most of this done otherwise bf will just take everything to the tip as is his usual wont.

I’ve made an appointment with St Vincent De Paul to pick up some stuff on May 2nd – this will be the better quality stuff they can sell in their shops.

Put some books in 2 small boxes for them
Packed my old journals in a box with misc stuff to take.
Taken stock of what I have sorted before and made a small action plan for tomorrow. If I do it bit by bit hopefully it won’t be so overwhelming.

Deep breath. Don’t panic.

create wonderful memories for kids
Not sure if it was for the kids or for me!

It was Easter a few days ago and I had a pair of bunny ears in the plastic tub of fancy dress props. I figured that I could wear them to my bf’s parents’ house for his brother’s 4 little kids, ages 1 to 6. I also had bought a cardboard train with 6 eggs, a cardboard bus with 6 little bunnies, and a packet of small chocolate eggs and put these into a small basket I had lying around. I was thinking of an Easter egg hunt but since it was hot I figured all the chocolates would melt if left outside. Plus the kids were a little too small and were already at the destination location. Their parents, as usual, did not inform anyone they would be there, they just suddenly turned up at Grandma’s house so she didn’t have time to get anything organised either.
Well it turned out to be the hit of the day,it amused the kids as well as Grandma. On previous occasions the kids did not really notice me that much despite some attempts to engage them but now I think the three eldest are a lot more friendly with me because of it. So on future occasions I may get more props and try something different to engage them and do something a bit different.

See The Cure live
Loud Loud Loud!

After years of listening to their music, and trying to write to Robert Smith, I found out that the Cure were coming to Australia! I bought tickets as soon as they became available and went with a friend to the Sydney Entertainment Centre.
It was loud. VERY LOUD. It was so loud I had to put tissues in my ears, and when we left, my ears were ringing and I could barely hear my friend. Lol. I honestly don’t know how everyone else didn’t! My ears were fine the next day and now five years later, my hearing is functioning ok.
They did a pretty good representation with an amazing rendition of my favourite song A Forest near the end. It was BRILLIANT.
I’m so glad I got to see my all time favourite band at last! I was so worried it would never happen! It was awesome!

Pack up the house to move interstate (read all 15 entries…)

Over the last several days my boyfriend and I have been tidying up the garage. At the end of each day we were dirty, sweaty and stank to high heaven. Yesterday we took a trailer load of stuff to the tip. The guy at the tip picked out a couple of things to salvage, such as a Lord of the Rings game which bf bought, read the instructions, and then decided it was too difficult to play. :-)

Now the garage looks so much better and our stuff is in three neat piles with a big space in the middle. Tomorrow the handyman is building a partition for us to store our stuff in. (not all the stuff, we’re taking some, donating some, and storing some).

Boyfriend has now departed back interstate and I am alone with plenty of work to catch up on. In between work bouts I will try and tidy up the things in the house. Still plenty to do. Sigh. It’s encouraging that we have emptied the third bedroom (except the small closet full of bf’s tools). Two bedrooms, lounge and kitchen to go. Today I tidied and sorted a few boxes in the garage and packed up a box of nearly all my shoes.

Box update:
2 boxes to take with me (shoes; beads)
8 boxes to donate
6 boxes to sort
2 tubs of china to be sorted

Pack up the house to move interstate (read all 15 entries…)

Very proud of myself. :-) Last night after dinner my boyfriend and I went to the garage to sort and pack. I reduced my craft items to 3 boxes, packed a few more boxes to go to the charity shop. My non essential items at the moment (more to come) are in 3-4 boxes. Stuff I’m giving away is now up to 7-8 boxes. Is looking good.

Boyfriend is getting stuck into it again right now. I’m going to find some small boxes for all the books I’m giving away. I had LOADS of books but more than half I’m donating. Lots of craft books I haven’t looked at so the plan is to scan a few nice pics in each and let them go.

Actually USE my cookbooks! (read all 2 entries…)
Culling the cookbooks

As part of my decluttering initiative, I’ve been thinking constantly on how to reduce my cookbook collection. It’s not that big right now. Before my last move a year ago, I had a shelf full of them (probably 20 books and 30 booklets/magazines) After the move this was halved. I am culling this even further since I can find most info on the internet.

The other thing is that I’m keeping some of these books because I like looking at a few recipes. So the plan is to scan those recipes and let the books go. I also noticed one or two authors have got quite a lot of their recipes on the net so that’s another reason to get rid of them.

I think this would be the most efficient thing to do. I’m so looking forward to getting rid of stuff.

I discovered a collection of clipped recipes and tidied them up, got rid of some of them. It looks a lot tidier. After the move I will work on getting them organised and in electronic form. Project for a later date.

Pack up the house to move interstate (read all 15 entries…)
6 boxes going

I’ve been putting things in boxes, not sealing them, and then pulling things out again. So now I’ve sealed the 6 boxes I originally packed after I checked them. They’re okay to go.

I had bought 10 plastic storage boxes from Kmart to help sort my belongings. They have been strewn around the house but now I’m filling them with either stuff to keep or stuff to go.

Can’t wait to zap the clutter. I’ve seen those Hoarders on TV and don’t want to end up like them. I am committed to getting rid of as much as I can.

Give away everything in my home that I no longer want, need or use (part one) (read all 4 entries…)

I’m trying to find all the boxes with my stuff in the garage, which is full of things belonging to me and my boyfriend. I happened upon a box full of lecture notes. I’ve been debating all day as to what to do with these. I spent thousands on studying and ran out of money before I could finish. Had the idea that I was going to put all the info on the net somehow but in reality I don’t think I have the time to do this.

After pondering all day, I’ve decided to get rid of them all. The clincher is that the notes date from 12 years ago. Ack! It feels like yesterday.

So I’ve purged a few files. It’s recycling day tomorrow and I have a whole box to go, I think it will have to wait for next fortnight’s collection. But they’re all going.

I’m feeling satisfied. No more hoarding. Be ruthless. The stuff has to go.

Another decision is that I’m giving away things as opposed to trying and selling them, which is taking ages. It’s not like I’m getting that much money for my things anyway. It’s a bit of a rethink but it feels good.

Give away everything in my home that I no longer want, need or use (part one) (read all 4 entries…)
I'm excited

I feel like I’m submerged in a sea of clutter. There’s so much STUFF! It was draining to think of ebaying everything and garage sales, but there is an alternative. I was just reading about the Vacuum Law of Prosperity and was thinking of testing it :-)

Basically it involves giving away your things to the less fortunate who could use them, and thus creating a space for new and better things/events/people to enter your life. It’s not about getting more THINGS. Arghggh. The less things the better.

So now I’m going to figure out what those things are, pack them up and donate them. I would like to do this in an intelligent way however so people can get what they really need and want.

When I was unemployed some years ago I did a stint in a charity shop. I remember a whole lot of musty clothes that I wasn’t sure people would buy. I also read about how some stores were throwing out stuff that didn’t sell, which was quite sad.

So the alternatives are Freecycle and Gumtree. I will be making use of all of them. Now I have to figure out what stuff goes to what outlet.

make another kiva loan
6 Loans so far

I’m going through a low finance cycle now, but the good thing is that I donated $50 when I was going okay. When the money is paid back you can loan it again. My first 4 loans were all fully paid back so I’ve made another two loans with the same $50.

My first 2 loans of $25 each went to 1) a lady in Nicaragua to pay her kids’ school fees (2) a lady in Cambodia to buy a sewing machine for her business. When this money was paid back I lent it to (3) a group of ladies in Senegal to buy fruits and vegetables to sell (4) a lady in the Philippines to buy feed for her pigs.
All these loans were paid back in full so I loaned the money again. This time $25 loans are going to a lady in Tajikistan to buy clothes for her business, and to a group of ladies in Paraguay to buy sewing supplies for their business.

I prefer loaning money to women: I find them more trustworthy and also wish to encourage female entrepreneurship. In a lot of countries women still do not have the same rights as men so I wish to correct that somehow, in my own small way.

The average Kiva user has made 8 loans so I aim to beat that. I just clicked on a user who has made 70 loans! That’s amazing. I hope I can do that too and that the money is really helping these people.

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