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How to have all Inuyasha movies and episodes
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touch my toes

Stretched a bunch. But I gotta do it constantly. Helps reduce lower back pain.

get a job/internship

I didn’t know what to expect when I applied to the Multi-Cultural Center on campus. I just wanted to continue being a student leader. It was worth so so sooo much, I don’t even know how to fully emphasize it. I’ve become more aware of myself, my own triggers, my own prejudices and biases, where I am in the context of society, and all about social justice, diversity, wellness, leadership, and intersectionality. LIFE IS SO AMAZING. Lifelong learning!!!!! Learning and being open to change is frustrating, and sometimes I need to take a moment to calm down and gather myself, but it is so worth the journey.

Step out of my comfort zone

Saying, “can i join in on this conversation,” or a simple, “hey, that’s really cool what you’ve got there / what you’re doing there,” is actually a helluva lot easier than it seems. It still takes up a lot of nerve and reminding to do it, but it’s totally worth it, even if it only amounts to a, “oh, cool, thanks.”

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