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make more guy friends
Women's College + Nannying = No Guy Friends

I’ve basically dug myself a large testosterone-free social grave, and since not many of my girl friends have guy friends either this is going to be difficult. But let’s face it, when all my friends graduate in May I’m going to have no friends at all! Kidding, but in all seriousness I also just miss having men in my life, and finally, if I ever want to be able to date men I have to be able to be friends with them too! Basically I need a course in Males 101 and I need to diversify my friend group. I love you ladies but the world is made up of more than just women!

grow my hair long
If I can complete any of these goals, it has to be this one!

Because really, all I have to do is NOT cut my hair! My hair does grow exasperatingly slowly though. One thing I have tried to do in the past is take fish oil supplements to help it grow faster. It works but I just have to remember to take them! Alright, I will take them. This HAS to be a goal I can accomplish. :)


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