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  1. 1. Walk closer with God
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  2. 2. Be a great mom and wife
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  3. 3. Lose Weight
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  4. 4. Write a book
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  5. 5. Create a memory book of my Mother
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  6. 6. Be a better friend
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  7. 7. Be a better daughter
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  8. 8. Be a better sister
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lose weight
I lost 9 pounds

The weight loss is coming along slowly. I have lost 9 pounds this month. I figure if I can lose 5-10 pounds a month…I am on my way! :-) With God, all things are possible!

walk closer with God (read all 2 entries…)
God is working....

I have started a bible study, and I am really getting alot happier, reminds me of my days as a new christian. I love learning new things about Gods word. Did you know that that bible says that the earth is round….before we actually discovered it?! Amazing. I am doing the bible study called “believing God.” So far, I love it. This past Wednesday, my sister, Christina, went with me…I hope she comes every week with me, I enjoyed having her there.

walk closer with God (read all 2 entries…)
Wanting to walk Closer

I want to spend this year, walking closer with Jesus. Leaning on him for my every need. Whether it be weight loss, grief and pain, He will be my rock.

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